With a scope of 120 credits (ECTS), the Master’s programme can be completed in two academic years. The degree comprises:

  • 90 credits of advanced studies in the selected study track, including your Master’s thesis (30 credits)
  • 30 credits of other studies from the curriculum of your own or other degree programmes

The advanced studies consists of joint courses, 30 credits + 1-2 alternative modules, 30 credits (15 or 30 credits each) + 30 credits MSc thesis. By choosing the 1-2 alternative modules you find interesting you will be able to deepen your expertise in particular areas of the selected study track. See here the more detailed list of the AGRI programme's modules and study units.

Various teaching methods are used in the programme, including lectures, practical exercises, practical laboratory and field courses, practical training, seminars, project work and independent study.

The alternative 15 or 30 credits' modules of the programme's four study tracks are presented below:

Agroecology modules:

Farmland Ecology, 15 credits

  • Wildlife in Farming Environment
  • Ecological Farming Methods
  • Literature in Farmland Ecology

Agroecology of Food Systems, 15 credits

  • Agroecology: Working with the Complexity of Farming Systems
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Literature in Agroecology of Food Systems

Plant Breeding modules:

Plant Breeding, 15 credits

  • Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources
  • Breeding of Crop Plants
  • Forest Tree Breeding

Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, 15 credits  

  • Plant Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology
  • Laboratory Course in Plant Biotechnology

Crop Science module:

Crop Science, 25 credits

  • Field Crop Quality
  • Field Crop Quality Laboratory course
  • Herbicides
  • Crop Ecology
  • Crop Science and Horticulture Practicals

Plant Pathology modules:

Plant Pathology, 15 credits

  • Fungal Plant Pathogens
  • Plant Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Plant Virology

Epidemiology and Control of Plant Diseases, 15 credits

  • Epidemiology and Ecology of Plant Pathogens
  • Advanced Training in a Plant Pathology Research Group
  • Plant-Microbe Interactions

Agricultural Zoology module:

Entomology, 15 credits

  • Biological Control
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Extended Insect Identification

Horticulture modules:

Horticulture, 25 credits

  • Postharvest Physiology and Technology
  • Greenhouse Production and Management
  • Berry and Fruit Crop Production
  • Crop Science and Horticulture Practicals
  • Laboratory Course in Plant Biotechnology

Viherala, 15 credits

  • Viheralueiden kasvit 
    + Choose two alternative courses from here :
  • Taajamien viheralueet
  • Kaupunkibiotoopit
  • Horticulture for Human Well-being and Green Care
  • Puutarhatieteen projektityö

        Animal Breeding modules:

        Animal Breeding Theory, 15 credits                              

        • Animal Data Analysis                    
        • BLUP and Variance Components                                         
        • Selection Theory                         

        Quantitative and Population Genetics, 15 credits            

        • Quantitative Genetics                   
        • Population Genetics                              
        • Gene Mapping                                      

        Animal Nutrition modules:

        Animal Physiology, 15 credits                                           

        • Ruminant Nutrition Physiology                    
        • Production Physiology of Farm Animals                             
        • Endocrinology of Farm Animals                                         

        Feed Science, 15 credits                                                   

        • Feed Evaluation and Diet Formulation                               
        • Feed Science and Technology     
        • Modelling and Data Analysis in Animal Nutrition

        Environmental Engineering in Agriculture modules:

        Environmental Technology in Crop Production, 15 credits            

        • Theory                                                            
        • Exercises                                                        
        • Literature                                                       

        Environmental Technology in Animal Production, 15 credits            

        • Theory                                                            
        • Exercises                                                        
        • Literature                                                       

        Agricultural Enginering module:

        Agricultural Engineering, 30 credits                                                

        • Maatalouskoneautomaatio                           
        • Kasvintuotannon teknologia                          
        • Traktorit ja muut liikkuvat koneet                
        • Maatalouskoneen suunnittelu

        Environmental Soil Science module:

        Environmental Soil Science, 30 credits

        • Soil Hydrology
        • Environmental Soil Science Readings II
        • Advanced Soil Science
        • Pedogenesis and Soil Classification
        • Soil Science Laboratory III