With a scope of 120 credits (ECTS), the Master’s programme can be completed in two academic years. The degree comprises:

  • 90 credits of advanced studies in the selected study track, including your Master’s thesis (30 credits)
  • 30 credits of other studies from the curriculum of your own or other degree programmes

The advanced studies consists of joint courses, 30 credits + 1-2 alternative modules, 30 credits (15 or 30 credits each) + 30 credits MSc thesis. By choosing the 1-2 alternative modules you find interesting you will be able to deepen your expertise in particular areas of the selected study track. See here the more detailed list of the AGRI programme's modules and study units.

Various teaching methods are used in the programme, including lectures, practical exercises, practical laboratory and field courses, practical training, seminars, project work and independent study.

The alternative 15 or 30 credits' modules of the programme's four study tracks are presented below: