Agrotechnology is a combination of agricultural engineering and environmental technology in agriculture. Agrotechnology research focuses on the production and environmental technology of agriculture. By means and measure methods of natural and engineering sciences, agrotechnology develops future agricultural production systems of food, feed, and non-food. These are typically biological systems which should fulfill the demands of sustainablity. The objective of the research is to gain a thorough insight into the planning, management, and development of agricultural systems, including processes, machines, implements, buildings and human labor. Examples of research are: planning and management of large agricultural production units, automation in animal and/or plant production, energy efficiency, the development of new production technology, systems to improve the efficiency and reliability of existing agricultural production, practices for the circular economy, development of soil management practices to reduce erosion, nutrient leaching and gaseous emissions. Most research projects are carried out with national and international stakeholders, such as companies, research institutes, and other universities.