Liisa Pesonen, Agrotechnology

Liisa Pesonen graduated with a degree in agrotechnology and works as a researcher at the Jokioinen office of Natural Resource Institute Finland.

1. What did you study?

I studied agrotechnology in Viikki.

2. What do you do for a living?

I am a researcher at Natural Resource Institute Finland. Currently, I lead a sixteen-member research team that studies and develops data management and machine automation for future plant cultivation farms. Our theme is smart machines in a smart environment. The work entails extensive cooperation with Finnish and international research groups, technology industry in the field, and the end users of the technology, i.e., farmers.

3. How does the future look in your field?

The future of my field looks fascinating. Our field is strongly affected by global development trends both in terms of technological development and agricultural raw material production. What is fascinating is that, because we research future technological solutions, we also affect the future development of our field of study and the content of our own work.

4. What is your favourite memory of your studies?

I have plenty of fun memories from my active student life, one of the greatest of which is the washing and capping of Havis Amanda on one May Day’s eve as part of the official capping team of the University of Helsinki Student Union. As for the studies themselves, my best memories have to do with completing practical electronics assignments in my major subject. Our task was often to find the true purpose of a lump of metal placed in front of us. Our methods consisted of trial and error (since manuals were for amateurs), which usually resulted in quite enlightening learning sessions. We probably put quite a strain on the fuses of the classroom and the teacher alike.