Elina Paakala, Animal Science

Elina Paakala, who graduated with a degree in animal science, works as a development agronomist at Faba Co-op in Tikkurila.

1. What did you study?

I studied animal science, particularly animal breeding, in Viikki. In addition, I completed study modules in organic agriculture and food economy as well as, for my own enjoyment, Spanish. Before that, I completed the degree of agrologist at a university of applied sciences.

2. What do you do for a living?

I am a development agronomist in Faba's product development team. At the moment, my duties include developing and upgrading various software used by, for example, farmers, breeding advisors, office staff, dairy farm advisors and hoof trimmers.

3. How does the future look in your field?

The field would appear to be developing rapidly due to the increased amount of available genomic data and to global food issues. Locally produced food is very popular and I do not believe that consumers would like to switch to using purely imported animal products due to reasons of ecology and animal rights issues.

4. What is your favourite memory of your studies?

My best memories are the amazing lectures held by top level experts in the field! Another, perhaps surprisingly, is the summer during which I completed my Master’s thesis. My thesis dealt with a very interesting and topical issue, and no matter how good lectures are, practical work is the only way to truly learn.