• Different types of examinations include end-of-course examination, book examination and take-home examination. The Open University administers both traditional paper examinations and online examinations.
  • Students can also usually complete a paper examination for a course as a remote examination either abroad or in a venue outside Helsinki.
  • For examination dates, the names of examiners and examination literature, please see the study programme.
  • A right to study includes three examination dates mentioned in the study unit.

Other methods of completing studies include written assignments such as learning journals and essays, online discussions and group work.

Register for an examination at least ten days before the examination date at My Pages -service. Late registrations will not be accepted.

If you are not able to attend the examination, please cancel your registration at least 3 days before the examination date. You can cancel your examination registration from Participation information section at My pages.

In case you need special arrangements (for example a separate room, special equipment or additional time), contact  the exam services beforehand. More information on special arrangements 

Students of partner institutions must register for examinations according to the practices of their home institution.

Registration for an examination

1. Be on time! Register for an examination at least ten days before the examination date. 
2. Log in: My pages
3. Choose: Participation information
4. Choose the examination date of the course. If the course can be completed by taking a book examination, registration for it usually takes place in conjunction with registration for the course. 
5. Complete the examination registration form.  

Completing the examination registration form

Type of examination

  • Book examination: Select this option when the course completion method is a book examination. The selection is usually automatic and cannot be changed.
  • End-of-course examination: Select this option when the course completion method is not a book examination but, e.g., a take-home examination or online examination.

Name of examiner: Same as the course teacher, unless otherwise stated in the study programme.

Literature: Must be specified particularly for book examinations. The examination literature is indicated in the study programme. If the literature is optional, list only the books that you intend to study for the examination.

Language of examination questions: The course fee includes examination questions in Finnish or Swedish. If the language of instruction is other than Finnish or Swedish, the fee includes examination questions in that language as well. Preparing examination questions in other languages is subject to a fee of 75 euros per examination. For more information, contact the Open University’s education specialist.

Special agreements: Include the following here:

  • Special agreements with the teacher
  • Books to be studied for the examination if other than those indicated in the degree requirements
  • Matters related to remote examinations

Special arrangements
See: Arrangements for students in need of special support 

The Open University administers examinations for courses it provides in collaboration with faculties and departments. Students from outside the Open University can also take such examinations.

Students must register for the examinations as per usual, but students from outside the Open University must register here.

The venues of paper examinations administered in Helsinki appear on a monthly list. Always check the venue before the examination for last minute changes.

Examinations begin at the time indicated in the study programme. Examinees will be informed at the examination venue of any delays that extend the time available for completing the examination.

Arriving at the examination

  • Please arrive on time for the examination. You can leave the examination at the earliest 30 minutes after it begins. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you cannot take the examination.
  • Mobile telephones must be switched off and left in your bag or coat pocket.
  • Coats and bags must be left in the cloakroom or at the side of the examination room. You cannot take anything other than your writing utensils to your seat.
  • You cannot bring with you any literature or other material unless specifically authorised. The invigilators check the material/literature.

During the examination

  • The invigilators will distribute the examination questions in envelopes or on separate sheets. Please remember to write down your personal details on each examination sheet.
  • Wait for the invigilator’s permission before opening the envelope and beginning the examination.
  • If you have a problem related to taking the examination, talk to the invigilator.
  • Do not talk during the examination. If you disturb the examination, you will be asked to leave.
  • You can bring small snacks to the examination, but must take care not to disturb other students.
  • You can take a quick toilet break in accordance with the invigilator’s instructions. You will leave the examination room under the invigilator’s supervision either in a group or on your own.
  • You must complete the examination within the allotted time. Failure to do so is sufficient grounds for failing the examination.

At the end of the examination

  • Once the examination is over, return all papers to the invigilator.
  • Show valid photographic proof of identity to the invigilator.
  • Write your name on the list of participants at the examination.

Studies are assessed and examinations administered according to University of Helsinki instructions. Cheating at an examination will lead to a fail grade and further action.

The dates and times of online examinations can be found in study programmes and the Moodle learning platform for the course. Examinations begin and end at the time indicated in the study programme.

Instructions for online examinations

  • An online examination requires a computer and a network connection.
  • The examination takes place on the Moodle course platform.
  • Logging onto Moodle requires a valid University of Helsinki user account.
  • When the online examination begins, the space allocated for your responses will open and you will be able to view the questions.
  • Students can access the examination literature, learning material and online sources during the examination.
  • Students should prepare thoroughly for the examination, as the questions are extensive and often require the information to be applied or compared.
  • You can type your answers directly in the space provided, or type them first in a word processor and then copy and paste them into the space provided.

Detailed practical instructions are available on the Moodle learning platform for the course.

Studies are assessed and examinations administered according to University of Helsinki instructions. Plagiarising an examination answer will lead to a failing grade and further action.

A remote examination means taking a paper examination for a course either abroad or in Finland in a locality other than Helsinki (with the exception of paper examinations for online courses). Examinations for some Open University courses can be taken only at Open University examination sessions.

  • As a rule, remote examinations are administered simultaneously with examinations for courses included in the study programme. If you live in a different time zone, you can agree on the time of an online examination by contacting the examination service.
  • You must arrange for an invigilator for the examination and pay the expenses incurred from the examination arrangements.
  • Suitable examination venues include the premises of such organisations as adult education centres, universities, summer universities, embassies, consulates and other Finnish delegations as well as Finnish institutes and Finnish schools abroad.

If you wish to take a remote examination, provide the following information under special agreements when registering for the examination:

  • Examination venue
  • Contact details for the invigilator

The Open University’s examination service will decide whether the venue is appropriate and will send the examination material to the invigilator.

When the completion methods of an online course include a traditional paper examination, your course fee covers one such examination in a location of your choice (Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Lappeenranta, Rovaniemi, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa and Oulu) and retake opportunities in Helsinki.

You can register for a paper examination for an online course in the regular manner under Participation information on My pages. When registering, select the locality where you wish to take the examination.

For information about examination venues in Helsinki, please see the list of venues for the date in question. If you take an examination outside Helsinki, the examination service will send you the address details for the venue by email a few days before the examination.

To register for a retake of a paper examination for an online course in Helsinki, please click here. You can also find the registration link under additional information on the Participation information page on My pages.

Students can take examinations administered by other educational institutions at Open University examination sessions.

Examinations can be administered with the permission of the educational institution and examiner in question.

Agree on arrangements for transfer examinations with the examination service. The service is subject to a fee of 75 euros per examination.

Answers in an examination must demonstrate that the student has read and understood the required reading under examination. You must address only the headline or question asked and nothing else. Do not write down everything you remember "just in case". Instead, limit your answer to the subject at hand. Sketching out your answers in advance may prove helpful; you may find it useful to do this in writing on a separate sheet of paper.

How are studies evaluated?

N.B.! Registration for examinations cannot be handled by phone or email.
Registration for examinations through the web service at least ten days before the examination date. After this the registration is not possible.