Certificate of studies

All studies you complete are entered into the University of Helsinki Oodi system within four to six weeks of the date of completion. Failed grades are also entered into Oodi. Partially completed courses are displayed on the Moodle learning platform for the duration of the course.

  • f you have a valid University of Helsinki account username, you can view your completed studies on WebOodi.
  • Once completed studies have been registered in WebOodi, you will receive an email notification, provided you have accepted notifications at the time of registration. The message will be sent to
    • Your helsinki.fi email, if you have a University of Helsinki account username
    • The email address you gave at the time of registration, if you have no University of Helsinki username.
  • In addition to WebOodi, you can check your completed studies in the Koski service (in Finnish and Swedish only), in which completed studies will be registered at a later time. Koski is a service provided by the Finnish National Agency for Education where completed higher education studies and study rights from, as a rule, 1995 onwards are registered.

If your studies have not been registered within six weeks, please contact Student Services at avoin-student@helsinki.fi (NB! Use the subject name as the subject of the email).

You can raise your course grade by retaking an examination or, if the course completion methods do not include an examination or no further retake opportunities are offered, by retaking the course.

Appeals against the grading of completed studies

The Regulations on Degrees and the Protection of Students' Rights at the University of Helsinki (pdf) stipulates that students dissatisfied with a particular grade for completed studies may appeal against it.

They must contact the course teacher within 14 days of when they had access to the grade. For advice, please contact the education specialist in your discipline.

You can request from the University of Helsinki a transcript of studies, which serves as an official certificate of completed studies. The transcript lists the courses you have completed, including credits, grades and dates, as well as the grades of study modules, if any. You can use the transcript, for example, to demonstrate to an employer or educational institution that you have completed the studies in question.

  • If you have completed a study module, please request that it be registered (see below) before requesting a transcript.
  • Requesting a transcript: Instructions on the website for undergraduate students. You can also order a digitally verified transcript of studies in WebOodi.
  • Please note! If you have completed a free-of-charge course, you can request a digitally verified transcript of studies from avoin-student@helsinki.fi. Please state your student number and date of birth when requesting the transcript.

You should request the registration of a study module when all the courses included in the module have been registered as completed in WebOodi. The courses will then be incorporated and registered as a module, for which an overall grade will be determined. Modules are registered only at the student’s request.

  • To request the registration of a module, use this form.
  • Request the registration as soon as you have completed all the courses included in the module and when the courses have been registered in WebOodi.
  • If you wish the module grade to appear on your transcript, do not request the transcript until after you have requested the registration of the module and have been informed by email that the registration has been completed.
  • The registration of a module takes approximately four weeks.
  • Expired studies cannot be included in a module. An individual course usually expires in ten years.
  • The registration of a module cannot be cancelled.

Always ensure that your name and contact details are up to date. You can update your contact details on the Open University’s My pages. To change your name in the Open University records, contact Student Services.