Arrangements for students in need of special support

Special arrangements in teaching

If you need special services for some learning situations due to a disability or illness or require information on available services, please contact the education specialist in your discipline in good time before your studies begin.

The presentation of teaching facilities (in Finnish), information by an individual facility; wheelchair access to teaching facilities. (in Finnish) Website about learning difficulties
Helsingin seudun erilaiset oppijat ry (in Finnish) Diverse learners’ association of Helsinki

Special arrangements related to examinations and completion methods

The Open University provides special examination arrangements for students if they cannot participate in a regular examination. Students that are entitled to special arrangements may be

  • entitled to use a separate examination facility (accessible examination facilities are located in Porthania building of the University of Helsinki) or
  • allowed to use special equipment (a computer) at an examination or
  • granted additional time for an examination.

If you need special arrangements in the exam, you should at first:

  • contact the exam services well before the exam: or tel. 02941 28322.
  • submit a doctor's certificate or an expert report which entitles you to special arrangements 

Special arrangements in regular examinations at the university

At least 10 days before the exam send an email to exam services ( and give the following details:

  • name of the course
  • date of the exam 
  • name of the teacher 
  • the special arrangements you need and other relevant matters which the examination service should be aware of. 

The examination service will confirm the special arrangements before the examination. Students must always inform the examination service if they cannot participate in an examination for which special arrangements have been made (cancellation).

Special arrangements in online exams or alternative completion methods 

Contact your education specialist at least 10 days before the exam.