Why and how to update name changes

It is important that you update your name and contact details.

Names are a core component of student information

The WebOodi student information system is the official repository of name data at the University of Helsinki. The name data associated with accounts in the Open University web service are transferred to WebOodi when an account is first created.

The data on a student's name may be out of date. For example, if a student has studied previously, his or her basic information may have changed since it was first entered into the system.

Why should the name be correct?

The username associated with your University of Helsinki user account is based on your name in the official University of Helsinki register.

  • The system suggests several usernames based on your first and last names. Helpdesk: How to activate your user account
  • If you have activated your account during previous studies, your username will remain the same, but the name associated with it will change.

If the Moodle learning platform is used in your studies, the incorrect name will be displayed to the other students and the teacher.

The name entered into the official University of Helsinki register also appears on transcripts of studies.

How to change your name in the web service

Changing your name cannot be done by changing your username in the Open University web service.

You can change your name by

If you prefer a name other than your first name, you can indicate it with an asterisk (*).

Why contact details should be updated

By updating your contact details under My pages, you can update your information in the official University of Helsinki student register. Your email and phone number are particularly important for your studies.

  • Information about places becoming available in courses is provided by email.
  • Once studies have begun, changes of lecture times and rooms are reported by text message or email.
  • Access to the Moodle learning platform requires a working email address.