In order to carry out their studies, all Open University students require access rights to use the University of Helsinki IT systems. Personal usernames and passwords are needed for using access rights.

University of Helsinki undergraduate students should use their valid usernames.

Personal access rights are granted for all Open University students for the duration of their right to study in conjunction with their registration. You will use this username throughout your studies. The validity of a username is always updated when a new course begins or a new registration is recorded. A new registration will automatically extend the validity of an old account. The validity of accounts assigned from a University of Helsinki service desk is not automatically extended, but rather the account holder must extend their validity using the extension form (Renewal of username).

The services available with a University of Helsinki username

  • Online learning environment Moodle
  • WebOodi
  • Electronic library services
  • The Flamma Intranet
  • The University's wiki services
  • The University of Helsinki public network HUPnet and Eduroam
  • Student workstations and home directory
  • Microsoft Office 365 services and e-mail address

More information about these services

Activating the account requires strong electronic identification.

Options for electronic identification: As the identification method, select

  • online banking (you need a personal online banking ID) or
  • mobile certificate, or
  • a certificate card (meaning, an identity card containing a microchip and issued by the police or a Visa Electron charge card issued by the OP-Pohjola Group as well as a card reader and related software.)

If electronic identification is impossible, please complete the application form for a username and send it to the University Helpdesk via email ( When Helpdesk has created the username, they will send you an e-mail. Arter that you must visit an ID Point to provide proof of your identity. You can then call Helpdesk (02 941 55 555) to obtain a password.


You will receive an email with instructions for activating your user account.

  • Once your right to study has been recorded in the University of Helsinki’s student data system, you can activate your user account according to the instructions in the email. You should activate the account before your studies begin.
  • By activating your account, you gain access to a University of Helsinki email address and an Office 365 email account.
  • Your user account and email address will be valid for ten weeks after the expiry of your right to study.
  • If you wish to use a University of Helsinki user account which has been previously granted to you, but does not include O365 services (the services have been available since 16 February 2017), contact Helpdesk.

Activate your University of Helsinki user account in time before you need it. After activation, it takes at least one hour and sometimes up to 24 hours for the account to start working.

Accounts are created for the duration of studies.

The initial password for the account must be changed before logging into services requiring authentication.

The password must be renewed annually. You will receive an email reminder about changing or renewing your password.

If you forget your password or it has expired, you can obtain a new password from the service of the University of Helsinki.

For information about your user account (e.g., its validity), log onto the user information site.

You can use the service to add an email address to your account if you forgot to do so while activating your account. Any information added will be updated for your account by the next morning.