The University of Helsinki is a multidisciplinary research university, which ranks among the leading universities in the world and the top ten universities in Europe. Some 36,000 stu-dents are currently pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the University.

The Department of Geosciences and Geography is the leading research and teaching unit in its field in Finland. In addition to research in Geology and Geography, the department carries out research in Seismology and some official duties related to it. Students can major in Geology, Geography and Regional Science. The department’s total budget is 9 M€ and it has a staff of 100.

The Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki, situated on the Kumpula science campus, is seeking applicants for a tenure-track assistant professorship in


primarily in the field of urban geography and regional studies. The vacancy is at the De-partment of Geosciences and Geography.

The position is Swedish speaking. This means that at least 50 % of teaching should be of-fered in Swedish.

The selected person is expected to develop a research group and conduct research in the field of geography. He/she will teach courses and supervise students primarily in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in geography and in the Master’s Programme in Ur-ban Studies and Planning. Preference will be given to applicants with expertise in urban geography and regional studies.

To be successful in the position, the candidate must have a strong network of interna¬tional cooperation. The appointee is expected to conduct research on an internationally high level. In addition, the appointee must take advantage of national and international research funding opportunities, participate in teaching and doctoral education, and develop course instruction. The person to be chosen is also expected to actively participate in the interaction between science and society at large.

The selected person will be employed as an Assistant Professor for a 3-5 year period, dur-ing which his or her performance will be monitored and evaluated according to the criteria defined when agreeing upon the employment contract. Success in the evaluation will lead to a new fixed-term employment as an Associate Professor with the aim of eventually ob-taining tenure as a Professor.

A particularly well qualified and experienced applicant may be recruited directly as an Associate Professor for a 3-5 year employment.

According to the Government Decree on Universities, the selected applicant must be profi-cient in Swedish. He/she must also have at least satisfactory spoken and written skills in Finnish. Foreign citizens, non-native Finnish citizens or citizens who have not been educat-ed in Finnish or Swedish may be exempted from this requirement without a separate appli-cation. In this particular position, sufficient skills in Swedish teaching are needed. The sala-ry for the present post will be at level 7 for an assistant professor based on the demands level chart for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, the appointee will be paid a salary component based on personal work perfor-mance. The starting salary of an assistant professor will be EUR 4,400–5,100 per month, depending on the appointee’s qualifications and work experience. The position will be filled from January 1, 2018 unless otherwise agreed upon.

Applications must be accompanied by the following English-language documents: (1) a CV, (2) a complete list of publications, (3) a report of experience and merits relevant to as-sessing the applicant’s teaching skills as well as other documents that may be relevant to the selection; or, alternatively, an academic portfolio containing the above-mentioned doc-uments and information (for instructions, see In addition, applicants are expected to enclose with their application (4) a report (max. two pages) on how they intend to develop research in the field while working at the department.

The applicants should be prepared to submit up to ten publications of their choice for review by the assessors after the application period. The publications shall be submitted via the University of Helsinki Recruitment System upon the request of the Faculty.

Please submit your application using the University of Helsinki Recruitment System via the link “Apply for job”. Applicants who are employees of the University of Helsinki are request-ed to leave their application via the SAP HR portal. The deadline for applications is Sep-tember 15, 2017.

For further information about the position please contact Prof. Mari Vaattovaara, Ma-ri.Vaattovaara(at), +358 2941 50776 or Prof. Juha Karhu, Head of the Department of Geosciences and Geography, Juha.Karhu(at), +358 2941 50834.

Apply at latest 15.09.2017

Due date

Friday, September 15, 2017