Reproductive health in a changing world – Effects of environmental contamination & climate change


HOH/NOVA University Network PhD course:
Reproductive health in a changing world – Effects of environmental contamination & climate change
A One Health approach (2 ECTS)

From 7th to 11th of October, 2019 in Helsinki, Finland

Global emission of environmental pollutants such as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and heavy metals have increased dramatically. Furthermore, climate warming, one of the main features of global change, accelerated the volatilization process of environmental pollutant and increased their amount in the environment. Concurrent, there has been a decrease in the age of onset of puberty and fertility parameters as well as an increase in diseases, such as testicular cancer, and developmental abnormalities of the urogenital tract in humans. These trends have been observed
also in companion animals such as dogs and cats. Causality between increased environmental pollutant and decreased reproductive health through endocrine disruption has been shown and has been supported by experiments with laboratory and farm animals and from field studies of wildlife. This course will give an overview about environmental contamination and air pollution, sources of contaminants and interaction with climate change. 

reproductive health


For more information, see the the course outline on the NOVA webpage or download the full course program as pdf.

Deadline for application for the course: postponed to 1st of September, 2019
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Course Organizer:
Animal Reproduction Science Group, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki
Helsinki One Health research network, University of Helsinki
Course leader: Stefan Björkman, DVM, PhD, DiplECAR

The course is free of charge for students from the NOVA and BOVA university network as well as for
students outside these networks working at an institution of higher education. Students include PhD/Licentiate
students plus qualified master's students. Veterinary students enrolled in residency programmes are treated
on a par with veterinary PhD students. For participants from the industry, the course fee is 500€.
Accommodation is not included. More information from the NOVA webpages.

Clinical Instructor
Production Animal Medicine
Field of science Veterinary science