Night of the Arts at the University, 15 August 2019

Draw a fencer, familiarise yourself with the wonders of space or come listen to bands! During the Night of the Arts at the University, you may also come across counter-advertisements and an audiovisual sculpture.



12.00–20.00: Night of the Arts at the Helsinki Observatory

Immerse yourself in the history of the building and the wonders of space in the exhibition presented in the Centre for Astronomy at the Helsinki Observatory! In the planetarium facility, you will get to experience Analemma I, the first audiovisual sculpture jointly created by Walter Sallinen and Alexander Salvesen.

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17.00–19.00: Night of the Arts in literature at Think Corner (in Finnish)



Mikko Pyhälä: When night falls in Venezuela

Pyhälä, who has served as the Finnish ambassador in a number of South American countries, describes the situation in Venezuela in his new book. We will also gain an overview of other South American power structures undergoing change, such as the current administration in Brazil.

The interview will be conducted by Iida Siimes from Voima magazine.

Pyhälä’s book is published by Siltala, while the programme has been organised by Rosebud Books and Voima magazine.



Jari Tamminen & Häiriköt-päämaja: Enjoy emptiness – and other counter-advertisements

A newly released book explains the logic behind counter-advertisements – and advertisements.

Jari Tamminen and researchers discuss this topic.

Public spaces are filled with blinking adverts, while the media are inundated by their siren call. Adverts determine what we consume, how we live and what kind of identity we establish for ourselves. Counter-advertisements help us perceive our society a little better and encourage advertisers to engage in dialogue.

The book is published by Into.



20 years of Voima: The role of media in societal juxtapositions

Do journalists themselves engender juxtapositions or further deepen existing gaps? How have things changed in the two decades of Voima’s existence?

Jarkko Kumpulainen, editor-in-chief, and Tuomas Rantanen, the founder and publishing manager of Voima, discuss this issue with journalists and researchers of the field.

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16.30–19.30: Night of the Arts in the Art Room: Draw a fencer!

Art Room, Porthania, 7th floor, 16.30–19.30

Drawing and fencing have a historical link at the University of Helsinki: both have been in the teaching programme ever since the establishment of the institution in 1640, as these basic skills were considered a necessary part of the skillset of every educated individual. Originally the University’s Main Building, designed by C.L. Engel, included lower buildings housing practice rooms, with the Fencing Room and Art Room located side by side. Fencing traditions at the University of Helsinki are still cultivated by the Student Fencers club. During the Night of the Arts, the Art Room will receive a visit from its old neighbours, as members of the club will serve as models for a croquis drawing session.

The session will continue non-stop. Teaching will be provided by Vappu Rossi, the University's current drawing master. The Art Room provides tools to borrow. Previous experience of croquis drawing (or fencing) is not necessary.

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klo 17.30-18.30 Guided tour at the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden (in Finnish)


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18.30-21 The Night of the Arts in the National Library


Doors will open at 18.30.


At 19.00 – 19.45, The Cupola Hall. Jaakko Tahkokallio talks about the A.E. Nordenskiöld map collection.

Come see the map collection presented by our Specialist Jaakko Tahkokallio.

In the late 1800s, the scientist and explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld (1832-1901) assembled an extensive collection of historical maps, geographical literature and rare travel books. In 1997 the collection was included in UNESCO's Memory of the World register. Nordenskiöld's collection vividly depicts the development of Western countries' geographical knowledge.

At 19.00 – 21.00, Rotunda. Our experts talk about our services and exhibitions.

Feel free to ask everything regarding the library from our experts.

At 19.00 – 21.00, The Agricola-room. Retrogaming.

Play old board and computer games at the From Dice to bites-exhibition.

At 20.00 – 20.20, The Cupola Hall. The Philomela choir perfoms "Kaikki naiset älkööt tehkö käsitöitä" (Not all women need to do needlework) by Anna-Mari Kähärä, settings text by Minna Canth. 

 The performance is choreographed by Sonya Lindfors and conducted by Marjukka Riihimäki.

At 19.00 – 21.00, Library interior countryyard. Community singing led by the Ajopuut band.

All events have free entry.

The Cupola Hall's capacity is 100 people.


Full program of the Night of the Arts in Helsinki