Practical instructions of the Faculty of Social Sciences for the exceptional situation

The University of Helsinki has implemented exceptional emergency measures due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Below are further details from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Updated on 19 May.

  • City centre campus recovery plan from the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus: phased start of operations on the city centre campus
    • Permission to work in faculty premises during 1.6 –16.8. can be applied for by filling in e-form. There are four application deadlines: 26.5, 2.6.,16.6. or 22.6. The Response Centre of the faculty shall endeavour to process the applications as soon as possible after each application period. Application form can be found on the page for the city centre campus recovery plan.
    • After receiving the permission, the person will also receive a link to the reservation calendar, from which he or she will reserve a working time. No work may be carried out without permission and prior reservation at faculty premises. N.B.! In the case of shared working space, it is important to agree on safe working with other people working in the same shared space.
    • To prepare for the move from U37 to Siltavuorenpenger a permit for archieving and cleaning up the workroom is applied for via the above form.

Organisation of teaching in the Faculty in summer and autumn

  • All instruction and exams will be arranged remotely during the June - August.
  • The summer faculty exam 13.6. will be organised in alternative ways of performance. Registration for the test ends with 31.5.
  • The alternative methods of conducting Examinarium exams will be continued until 31.8.2020 or until the Examinarium exam has been declared to be held.
  • In the last week of August, the events of the orientation period for new students to be organised remotely.
  • With regard to the 1st teaching period, the university's recovery plan states that teaching and other activities will start normally, with the exception of mass teaching events; online learning will continue to be possible. However, due to the uncertainties of the situation teachers should be prepared for distance teaching during the 1st teaching period. At least when it comes to English taught programmes, this is most likely to be necessary.
  • In the Faculty of Social Sciences, all education is organized as distance education until 31 August 2020.
  • The degree programmes of the Faculty of Social Sciences will review the situation whether it is necessary and possible to organise cancelled courses during the summer season from 1 June to 31 August 2020. Any changes and possible courses in the summer season will be announced later.
  • The transition period has been extended and it now ends 18 December 2020. It is then when all studies included in the degree have to be completed and the application for the degree diploma submitted if you want to graduate according to the old degree requirements. The last day to submit the Master's thesis (according to the old degree requirements) is 10 November 2020. The whole examination timetable for the academic year 2020-2021 and more information on transition period can be found in Instructions for Students.

  • You can now submit your thesis for examination also until 16 June 2020. NOTE. Then the approval of the thesis will be done at the Faculty Council meeting 1 September 2020.

  • Students from the Faculty of Social Sciences will find more information on changes in teaching on the course pages. Students in faculty examinations must register as usual. At the end of the registration period, the teachers responsible for the exam will be in contact with the students regarding the way the exam is conducted.
  • Despite the exceptional circumstances, all the application procedures planned for the spring, such as registration procedure for Master's options and specification of study track, will be arranged normally. Students will be informed of these later on.