Prac­tical in­struc­tions of the Fac­ulty of Law for the ex­cep­tional cir­cum­stances

The University of Helsinki has implemented exceptional emergency measures due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Updated on October 16th.

The latest information on the coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki.

The effect of coronavirus on teaching.

The effect of coronavirus on your studies.

Detailed instructions from the campus and the faculty

  • People in risk groups work remotely for the whole exception period.
  • Only the most critical work should be conducted at the University’s premises. 

  • The end of the transition period for the education reform of a lower and higher university degree has been postponed at the university so that the last day on which a student can submit a request for a qualification for a degree completed in accordance with the old qualification requirements is 18.12.2020 (originally 31.7.2020). The following changes apply to the autumn 2020 period:

    • In the Bachelor’s programme, one round of tests will be organised for each test in accordance with the old qualification requirements and in the Master’s programme the test OTM-304: Legal cultures and comparisons.

    • The Bachelor’s final work seminar can be completed in accordance with the old qualification requirements (10 sp.).

    • The Master’s thesis can be done in accordance with the old requirements (40 sp. and the old grade scale) when the thesis is approved no later than in the Faculty Council meeting of 15.12.2020.

  • The examination timetable for master’s theses (Pro gradu dissertations) in autumn 2020 has been published. This timetable will also apply to those graduating according to the old degree requirements. (updated on march 23)
  • Examinarium exams are replaced with alternative arrangements (for example Moodle exam, essay). (updated on march 20)


For students

The effect of coronavirus on teaching at the Faculty of Law.

For the teachers and researchers of the faculty

Contact teaching is suspended for the remainder of this calendar year. In addition, no examinations will be organized at University premises. The above will enter into force on Monday October 19th, 2020. If the study period has started before Oct. 19th 2020 and its teaching has been partly arranged as contact teaching, the students of the study period shall be informed of the change in the teaching method of the study period from Oct 19th 2020, in a way decided by the teacher responsible for the study period.

The instructions will be updated as the situation changes.

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head of human resources Hanna Lotti
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