Practical arrangements at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine during the coronavirus outbreak

Any special instructions applying exclusively to teaching, research and other arrangements at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will be published on this page.

Due to the coronavirus situation, we cannot on 17 August transition comprehensively to stage 3 of the recovery plan. Instead, we will continue complying primarily with stage 2 of the plan. However, the aim is at the same time to find and present, wherever possible, solutions and increased flexibility that promote the smooth completion of duties. See the four-stage recovery plan (pdf).

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Any special instructions applying exclusively to research, teaching and other arrangements at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will be published on this page.

Page updated on 17 September  - updated the re­com­mend­a­tion for tele­work­ing

Re­com­mend­a­tion for tele­work­ing 

The validity of the University’s recommendation for teleworking (including research environments) will be extended until 31 December 2020, unless the coronavirus situation changes significantly. 

Working on the University premises in a planned manner taking into account safety precautions continues to be possible. 


Telecommuting will remain the default procedure until 31 December 2020, provided your duties allow it.

Working in the University's research facilities is permitted after submitting a personal notification of your presence. This notification procedure is important in terms of both contact tracing and, when necessary, the prioritisation of duties.

At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, directors of department are responsible for organising the notification procedure at their respective departments in cooperation with the relevant principal investigators/immediate supervisors. This must be implemented by creating a timetable for laboratory work so that it is possible to indicate which persons are working in a specific facility at a specific time. The procedure where a separate permit for launching research activities is needed will be discontinued, but department directors will monitor facility use and can prioritise it, when necessary. Upon request, department directors must be able to provide reports on the individuals who have worked at the facilities at a specific time.

Further information on research work: Dean Antti Sukura,

Instructions of the Bachelor’s Programme in Veterinary Medicine and the Degree Programme in Veterinary Medicine for the provision of teaching

The Faculty will comply with the instructions issued by the University of Helsinki’s coronavirus management team. Please keep up to date on the latest information provided by the University of Helsinki.

Specific instructions for teachers

Specific instructions for students (in Finnish only)

Public examinations of doctoral theses 

Please read the general guidelines for organising public examinations.