Practical arrangements at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine during the coronavirus outbreak

This page contains the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s practical instructions for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak.

The University of Helsinki has declared that it will take exceptional emergency measures due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Any special instructions applying exclusively to research, teaching and other arrangements at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will be published on this page.

Page updated on 27 March 2020 at 14:00 - added Uusimaa lockdown

Uusimaa lockdown

HR Services is preparing a document that will enable University staff residing outside the Uusimaa region to make essential trips between the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and their place of residence. In the case of students, this only applies to students in the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, as other students are not deemed to have compelling reasons to cross the regional border for their studies. Further information will be provided as soon as the relevant procedures and instructions are completed.


As a rule, the University's staff will telecommute, unless agreed otherwise with regard to your duties. Working in the University premises must be agreed with your supervisor, who must, in turn, inform their supervisor and, if necessary, confirm the preconditions of work with them. In addition, if you need to be present in the workplace to perform a specific task, you can agree on this with your supervisor.

Instructions of the Bachelor’s Programme in Veterinary Medicine and the Degree Programme in Veterinary Medicine for the provision of teaching during the exceptional circumstances at the University of Helsinki

The Faculty will comply with the instructions issued by the University of Helsinki’s coronavirus management team. Please keep up to date on the latest information provided by the University of Helsinki.

The Faculty’s primary aim is to guarantee the continued operations of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and enable fifth-year students to obtain the right to practise their profession and sixth-year students to graduate.

Specific instructions for teachers

Specific instructions for students

Public examinations of doctoral theses 

As a rule, public examinations of doctoral theses will be postponed to take place after 30 May 2020. If this causes significant inconvenience, public examinations of doctoral theses can be held as long as the restrictions on the number of attendees (max. 10) are observed. If necessary, opponents can attend through a remote link. In addition, remote links must be used to enable the audience to participate and ask questions.

The University’s conference and events team will cooperate with faculties in coordinating the staggering of public examinations so that the necessary technical arrangements can be made. 


It must be ensured that no more than 10 people are present in the same premises during research work.

Doctoral students can continue their series of studies in laboratories if suspending them would cause a significant delay to the completion of their doctoral thesis.

No new studies are to commence prior to 13 April 2020, but the ongoing collection of samples and performance of research can continue if their postponement would cause significant inconvenience. For example, pre-arranged visits associated with follow-up studies carried out as part of clinical research can continue. Farm visits can be made with the owner’s permission.

Further information on research work: Antti Sukura,