Online course Finnish Political Culture and System is about the culture and values behind the political system in Finland. It starts on the 2nd of February 2016.


The course will answer questions about basic political structures: What are they based on? What about elections? Who can vote and what for? How many parties are there? What does the Parliament do? the President?  the Government? What about women in politics? In addition the course looks at the principles of Finnish welfare, Finnish foreign policy, peace mediation and management of minorities.


To those wanting to find out the principles and functions of basic political system in Finland.

No prior knowledge is needed.

The course starts on 2nd of February 2016. You can join the course by registrating in the course in: Registration for the course is free of charge. In case you want course credits to be registered in the University of Helsinki study register you should pay a study fee (15 euros).

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