End-of-year bonus campaign: a bottle of champagne to teams submitting an idea or invention disclosure

The aim of the Your Idea 2020 campaign is to encourage researchers to announce ideas and inventions derived from research and to increase the number of idea and invention disclosure notifications to 200 during the 12-month campaign.

University of Helsinki hosts a campaign, Your Idea 2020, until early April 2021. As a final sprint for year 2020 and special holiday bonus, teams submitting an idea or invention disclosure before end of the year will be awarded with a bottle of champagne, as an additional reward on top of the usual campaign cash reward.

Idea and invention disclosures submitted during the campaign period, 6 April 2020–5 April 2021, will receive a €300 fee. If the notification is submitted by more than one person, the fee will be €500, and it will be evenly shared with all those participating in the notification. The fee will be paid to the first 200 ideas.

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