MOSAiC expedition: Polarstern is about to sail from Tromsø on 20th of September

INAR scientists, among which is our group's Lauriane Quéléver, are preparing to start a year-long expedition aboard Polarstern ship.

The ship is expected to freeze into the sea ice and follow its drift while hundreds of scientists from 19 countries over 6 exchange phases will be performing measurements of Artic environment: atmosphere, sea ice, ocean, biogeochemistry and ecosystem. The main aim of the MOSAiC is to significantly advance our understanding in Arctic climate system, comprehensively support climate models with observations and provide basis for policy making in climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

INAR is conducting atmospheric measurements together with Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) using in total 15 instruments which aim to measure the formation and growth of atmospheric aerosols as well as their atmospheric processing. 

The expedition is conducted in 6 legs, meaning that scientists will change in 2 month periods: 

Leg 1: Lauriane Quelévér, INAR 

Leg 2: Ivo Beck, PSI 

Leg 3: Julia Schmale, PSI 

Leg 4: Tiia Laurila, INAR 

Leg 5: Tuija Jokinen, INAR 

Leg 6: Zoe Brasseur, INAR 

Backup: Markus Lampimäki, Janne Lampilahti, INAR 

Under INAR, the project is coordinated by Tuija Jokinen and science outreach is led by Stephany Mazon. 

Sources and pages to follow: 

Facebook page: INAR Polar Year 

Atmospheric Physical Chemisty group

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR)

Polarstern docked at Tromsø, photo credit: Lauriane Quéléver