Earthquake alerts in three languages on Twitter
An automatically updated Twitter feed reveals the magnitude, time, and location of earthquakes.

Automaattiset maanjäristysilmoitukset Twitterissä

On its Twitter accounts, the Institute of Seismology publishes information on the most significant earthquakes in Finland and abroad. The information on earthquakes comes from a network of seismic stations. The network includes stations in 31 locations around Finland. 

Any earthquakes of a magnitude over 1.5 in Finland or its immediate neighbourhood will cause an alert based on automatic identification around the clock. Smaller tremors in Finland of at least magnitude 1 will be announced after an analyst has checked them, and they will only be updated during office hours.

–Though earthquakes do not typically cause any damage in Finland, they arise interest, at least locally, says Seismologist Toni Veikkolainen from the Institute of Seismology.

Earthquakes abroad will be included if they are at least of magnitude 5 in areas where they are atypical, and many of the magnitude 6 earthquakes near large cities, densely populated areas, and tourist resorts. All occurrences of magnitude 6.7 or greater will be announced.

Based on case-to-case consideration, some weaker tremors abroad may be included if they occur in the immediate vicinity of  critical infrastructure, such as dams, nuclear power plants, etc, as well as areas where earthquakes have caused great damage before in spite of the smaller magnitude. The specialists at the Institute of Seismology will further analyse the reports from the instruments.

Follow these:

  • Finquakes@UH
    Automatically detected global earthquakes with possible strong impact and confirmed earthquakes from Finland.
  • Maanjaristykset@UH
    Automaatti-ilmoitukset merkittävistä järistyksistä Suomessa ja maailmalla sekä analyysissa tarkastetut Suomen järistykset.
  • Finjordbävningar@UH
    Automatiska meddelanden om sannolika framstående jordbävningar i Finland och världens andra delar och granskade finska jordbävningar.

What else do seismologists do? You will find current information about the work of the Institute of Seismology on Twitter (@Seismologit, @Seismofin)