Two postdoctoral researcher positions open in CALLIOPE

The Faculty of Arts invites applications for the positions of 2 postdoctoral researchers in area and cultural studies to the Vocal Articulations of Parliamentary Identity and Empire project for a fixed-term of three years, starting in 2019. Application deadline August 20, 2018.

Both of the appointees will be expected to take charge of research on one geo-political area or axis of ‘exchange’ covered in CALLIOPE, and focus on vocal practices of political representation within that area. We particularly appreciate applicants with a proven track record in multidisciplinary collaboration and an aptitude for methodological innovation.

One position will be dedicated to the study of vocal practices of political representation transfer in English and Bengali in the nineteenth century. The appointee will be responsible for the sub-project in CALLIOPE concerning the British-Bengali axis of travel and exchange. Fluency in Bengali in addition to English is necessary.

The other appointee will study rhetorical and vocal norms in Algeria, and the links and tensions between (Franco-)Algerian speech and other forms of rhetoric in Arabic. The CALLIOPE sub-project concerning the evolution of 'Muslim' oratory will be the responsibility of this postdocotral researcher, and it necessiates fluency in Arabic as well as, ideally, familiarity with Urdu.

Applications should be sent through the University of Helsinki Recruitment System. Please see requirements and full details on the open positions, as well as guidelines for applying here.

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