14th September 2016

One-Day Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy

14th September 2016
University of Helsinki
Metsätalo Sali 10

14.00–14.50 Anik Waldow (Univ. of Sydney):
“Prejudices and Remedial Cartesian Scepticism”

15.00–15.50 Vili Lähteenmäki (Univ. of Helsinki):
“Substance, Attribute, Mode: Descartes on Thought as the Essence of Mind”

16.10–17.00 Jani Hakkarainen (Univ. of Tampere):
“Causes and Effects Are Distinct – Why, Hume?”

17.10–18.00 Miren Boehm (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee):
"Hume on Causation: Meaning and Metaphysics"

All Welcome!

Contact: vili.lahteenmaki at helsinki.fi