Save your searches and favorite lists in Helka before the service break in July 16

Helka library database will be closed on July 16 from 3 p.m. onwards. The service break will last up until the beginning of August. Save your favorites before the break, and be prepared to renew your reservations in August if necessary.

Helka will be renewed in July 2020. Helka library database will therefore be closed on July 16 from 3 p.monwards. The break will last up until the beginning of August. 

During the breakyou can't borrow printed books, make reservations or log in to your customer information in Helka. 

During the break you can return books to any open Helka library. The books will not however be returned in the system until the break is over. You can also search and browse material in Helka, and use electronic collections acquired by the library. Note, however, that the  availability information for printed books does not appear in Helka during the break. 

The loans have no due dates during the break. 

Save your favorites and be prepared to renew your reservation if necessary 

If you have searches or favorite lists stored in the Helka databaseyou will have time to retrieve and save them until July 16. Your reservations are also valid until July 16, 2020. 

Please note that the reservations you have made will not be transferred to the renewed Helka database unless you have already received an arrival notification for the bookTherefore, be prepared to place your reservation again in August, when the renewed Helka is in use. 

Logging in into the new Helka 

Students and staff of the University of Helsinki will log in to the new Helka with their university user accounts. 

Other Helka users log in to the new Helka with their e-mail addressHelka will send a login link to your email.
More detailed information about the Helka summer vacation and instructions can be found on the website of Helsinki University Library: 

Check Helka libraries' summer opening hours and exceptional services on the library's website. 
We wish you a very happy summer on behalf of the Helka libraries!