How can we reduce the need for antimicrobial use in animal production? By combining top-level knowledge on both veterinary science and socio-economic science the ISAP consortium aims to identify efficient ways to achieve a change towards more sustainable pig and broiler production. To reach this aim, the consortium submitted an application to the EU Horizon 2020 call SFS-46-2017: 'Alternative production system to address anti-microbial drug usage, animal welfare and the impact on health' in September 2017.

After over a year of intensive discussion, planning, contacts to stakeholders and two fruitful physical meetings in Finland, the ISAP consortium, with members from Finland, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and China could confidently submit their second-stage project proposal for H2020 SFS-46-2017 in September 2017. By ensuring the highest level of multidisciplinary veterinary and biological sciences, in combination to top expertise on farm consequences and market potential, ISAP will make sure the project results are not only highly relevant for the battle against overuse and public health risks related to antimicrobials in animal production, but also readily applicable. A wide stakeholder involvement is central for the success of the project proposal, as is the close collaboration with the Chinese partners.

ISAP meeting1