FIMM Young Investigator of Month: November 2016 - Yu Fu, Master's student, Group Kainov

Yu is a Master’s degree student in the Translational Medicine (TRANSMED) Program in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki.

The title of her project is “Application of multi-omics analysis to novel anti-influenza agent discovery.” She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology in Wuhan, China. During the last year of her bachelor’s training, she went to Tampere to study bioinformatics as an exchange student. Yu joined Denis Kainov’s research group in January 2016 and worked as a bioinformatician, analysing ‘omics data to identify pathways and biological processes most affected during influenza virus infection and how different anti-viral agents affect such responses.  She is interested in the application of genomics data or any clinically-generated data to promote the understanding of diseases and to help find the most effective way to treat patients. Yu plans to pursue a Ph.D. in the near future, because she feels there is still a lot to learn and science is too fun to quit. Outside of science, Yu enjoys jogging, yoga, swimming, and sketching.

Congratulations to Yu Fu for several recent publications during 2016:

Fu Y, Gaelings L, Söderholm S, Belanov S, Nandania J, Nyman TA, Matikainen S, Anders S, Velagapudi V, Kainov DE. JNJ872 inhibits influenza A virus replication without altering cellular antiviral responses. Antiviral Research. 2016; 133:23-31.

Fu Y, Gaelings L, Jalovaara P, Kakkola L, Kinnunen MT, Kallio-Kokko H, Valkonen M, Kantele A, Kainov D. Protein profiling of nasopharyngeal aspirates of hospitalized and outpatients revealed cytokines associated with severe influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus infections: A pilot study. Cytokine. 2016; 86:10-14.

Söderholm S, Fu Y, Gaelings L, Belanov S, Yetukuri L, Berlinkov M, Cheltsov AV, Anders S, Aittokallio T, Nyman TA, Matikainen S, Kainov DE. Multi-Omics Studies towards Novel Modulators of Influenza A Virus-Host Interaction. Viruses. Accepted.