Meeting the Author Event - Monique Taylor: The Chinese State, Oil and Energy Security
On 31 August 2021, in the Meeting the Author Event, Dr Monique Taylor will discuss her book “The Chinese State, Oil and Energy Security”.

Date: 31 August 2021
Time: 13:00-14:00 Helsinki Time
Format: Online

Dr Monique Taylor is a senior lecturer in world politics at the University of Helsinki. She has previously held the positions of postdoctoral fellow at Nanyang Technological University, research fellow at the National University of Singapore and lecturer at the University of Queensland.

In her book “The Chinese State, Oil and Energy Security”, Monique Taylor analyses the policy rationale and institutional underpinnings of China's state-led or neomercantilist oil strategy, and its development, set against the wider context of economic transformation as the country transitions from a centrally planned to market economy.

Register here before 20 August, 2021. Link will be shared one week prior to the event.