HiDATA event 27 November on Ethics of AI

Helsinki Centre for Data Science organises a public event on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

The Helsinki Centre for Data Science HiDATA organises a public event concentrating on the ethics of artificial intelligence 27 November 2020 from 13:00 to 15:00 (Note the new date!)

Join us to hear more on what our top researchers find as the most challenging ethical questions in using artificial intelligence,  examples on what kind of ethical challenges the City of Helsinki has confronted in using artificial intelligence in public administration and how exactly is the cooperation between European city administrations and the University of Helsinki going to help us to understand better what kind of challenges the technological changes are going to bring us in the near future and how to address them.

More about the programme, the speakers and the registration details will soon be updated here. Warm welcome!

This event is free, open to public and with the chance to open discussion. The event is going to be held in English and it is organised in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and the Centre for Artificial Intelligence FCAI.