Online Lecture "Cultural Heritage in China: Example of the Meli Mountain"
On 9 October PhD candidate Sonja Laukkanen from University of Helsinki will give online lecture titled Cultural Heritage in China: Example of the Meli Mountain”.

Speaker: Sonja Laukkanen, PhD candidate, University of Helsinki

Date and Time: Friday 9 October, 10:15-11:30

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The lecture will not be recorded.

Sonja Laukkanen is a PhD candidate majoring in East Asian studies at the University of Helsinki where she also completed her Master’s degree. Sonja has also studied in Leiden Institute of Area Studies, Netherlands. Sonja’s ongoing PhD research deals with identity, heritage and authenticity in China. In this lecture, she will use different understandings of landscape, space and place to examine the heritage in Meili Snow Mountains, which is a part UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, world biodiversity hotspot and a Chinese National Park.