On a journey of catching the dreams - The eleventh "Chinese Bridge" competition for Foreign Upper Secondary School students
From October 7th to October 12th 2018 the eleventh “Chinese Bridge” competition for Foreign Upper Secondary School students opened its curtains to eager students of Chinese around the world. Altogether 99 countries, 327 students and teachers participated the competition. The event was held in Beijing and Kunming by Confucius Institute headquarters, Yunnan government, Yunnan Teacher Training University and Yunnan television.

Finnish delegation of two contestants and a teacher arrived in Beijing smoothly. Contestants Kuura Janhunen and Mikko Hyry expressed that Chinese Bridge competition is a dream they have been looking forward to for a long time. They hope to pass through the competition, understand better China and its culture, as well as make friends from around the world.

For the later dissemination purposes, organizing committee and Yunnan television arranged a photo shooting for all the participants as well as recorded a video with the contestants.  Our Finnish contestants performed for the video with a special Finnish song.


The theme of this year ”Chinese Bridge” competition was ”Master Chinese and you will have friends everywhere under the sky”. At the core of the competition was the idea of enhancing the cooperation and communication between youngsters as well as to make some friends around the world.

To let participants understand Chinese culture better, on the third day the organizing committee of the competition took contestants to the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Great Wall. These places welcomed the young contestants around the world with their dignified position of 5000 year of history and rich civic culture.


10th of October all the contestants, teachers and the workers of the competition flew from Beijing to Yunnan for the second part of the competition. 11th of October the “Chinese Bridge” competition continued at Yunnan with many important quests attending the event, just as the Yunnan province and Confucius Institute high officials. Confucius Institute headquarters deputy secretary-general welcomed the participants and teachers warmly with congratulating them from their great results at the competition and emphasizing the competition as a platform for new friendships. At the opening ceremony, honored quests and contestants sprinkled golden sand to express the start of the eleventh “Chinese Bridge” competition.

After the opening ceremony, contestants had a written exam of Chinese culture knowledge which was divided into two parts, listening and multiple choice. The results of the exam were 20% of the full 100% of points in the whole competition. Contestants courageously started the exam and gave their full knowledge of the contemporary China, history, culture and geography on the paper.

October 12th started the second and the last part of the Chinese Bridge competition, “the quick-wittedness” oral exam. There were three parts of the exam: self-presentation, group speech about decided theme and a speech of “The China I know” or “Chinese Bridge, a ___ bridge.” The speech about the decided theme was a group task for Finnish team and the topic was “If you should live on a desert island for a month, who would you bring with you?” Finnish team made up a brilliant and humorous answer to the question that made everyone listen attentively. “I wouldn’t bring anyone, since I wouldn’t want anyone else to have a hard time with me.” The clever answer made audience burst in applauses.  Although the Finnish team did not win the first prize, the competition itself was an awesome experience and they didn’t return home with empty hands. Both of our students got scholarships to study in China to pursue their knowledge of China and its culture even deeper in the future.