Guest Lecture on Chinese Chess on November 1
In conjuction with the Sino-Finnish Chess Championships on Sunday 3 November, Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki organized a guest lecture on Friday 1 November, 2019 by Mikko Törnqvist. He is currently Finnish Xiangqi Association's chairman (Kiinalaisen shakin ystävät Suomessa ry). He has participated in many World Xiangqi championships, including 2017 Munich European Championships, 2015 Munich World Championships and 2013 Guangzhou World Championships.

Xiangqi is played by hundreds millions of enthusiasts in China. Outside of China and Vietnam, the game is relatively unknown. This lecture gave chance to familiarize oneself with the game and learn how it has formed an essential part of Chinese culture for centuries.

Xiangqi and Chess share a common origin, so learning the rules is not so difficult, it just requires memorizing a few Chinese characters. Once you know the rules, you have an instant excuse to chat with game enthusiasts all over China, who frequently play everywhere from parks to tea houses.Finnish Xiangqi Association also provides free training for enthusiasts and an opportunity to participate in international tournaments. Sometimes also flight tickets and accommodation are sponsored. Opportunities to participate in tournaments are also available for beginners.