International LUMA StarT Award 2017 nominees: vote for your favourite!
The International LUMA StarT Awards will be awarded for the first time on 23.5.2017 at the University of Helsinki. StarT is organized by LUMA Centre Finland, a collaborative organization that supports science, mathematics and technology education, and is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

Over 800 learning communities from 36 countries around the world have participated in StarT over the school year 2016-2017.

The minister of education of Finland, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, will be handing the awards to the winners of the International LUMA StarT Award 2017. The winners are to be chosen by the StarT jury. In addition, the public’s most voted favourites are announced at the award gala.

The media is warmly welcomed to the StarT gala, which is organized in the grand ballroom of the University of Helsinki on the 23rd of May at 13:00!

The best teams and the best practices are to be awarded

The StarT jury has chosen the LUMA StarT Award 2017 nominees, of which there are ten in two different categories. A public voting is organized for the best project nominees for the LUMA StarT Award 2017 and for the best practice nominees for the LUMA StarT Education Award 2017. The public voting begins on the 10th of May and ends on the 21st of May.

The International LUMA StarT Award is given to three teams of children and youngsters. The more detailed assessment criteria you can find here.

The International LUMA StarT Education Award 2017 is given to three learning communities for best practices related to carrying out StarT. In the assessment criteria collaboration and sharing have been emphasized. The more detailed assessment criteria you can find here.  

During the academic year 2016-2017 children and youngsters have been working in learning communities around the world with projects related to especially science, mathematics, and technology. The projects have been interdisciplinary, phenomenon-based and collaborative. LUMA Centre Finland has provided learning communities with support and ideas.

– StarT has inspired children, youngsters and teachers all over the world. The reported projects and best practices of learning communities are of an incredibly high standard. They convey the joy of learning and succeeding, which is one of the main goals of StarT. Sharing the best ideas through the teams’ project videos means everyone learns from each other, says the chairman of the StarT jury, Professor Maija Aksela from LUMA Centre Finland, University of Helsinki.

Learning and sharing best practices

The videos of the projects and the best practices as well as the learning diaries of the teams are available, visit: 

Voting is done by liking the project- and best practice videos on youtube.

The International LUMA StarT Award 2017 nominees are shown below. Be inspired and learn something new!

Vote for your favourite before the 21st of May!

  1. Cave project, Agrupamento de Escolas Cidade do Entroncamento, Francisco Gonçalves José Dias Rute Nunes, Portugal
  2. Flight/Aviation project, Echipa Multitouchnme, Georgeta Cozma, Chereche Nicoleta Students: Mihalca Patrik, Mihai Olariu, Codru Erdei, Toni Caia, Romania
  3. Mathematics of the chestnut, Szivárvány Kindergarten, Kistelek, Éva Virágné Szqcs and Csilla Novák, Hungary
  4. Nature and environment project, Šiaurės licėjaus, Lina Kiliauskait’s kindergarten group, Lithuania
  5. Programming and robotics project, TriRoboNauts, Spahou Stefania, Staridas Vasileios, Roumeliotis Fotios, Stafila Galini, Siomos Nektarios, Greece
  6. Protect & live project, Büyükçekmece Atatürk Anatolian High School, Nilgün Erentay’s and Nejdet Köker’s group, Turkey 
  7. SOS glove project, Semesta Billingual Boarding School, Bryan Tanamas Fachry, Adam El-Yaqien Mucharam, Sultan Gemilang Kemadi, Indonesia
  8. Stars and space project, Salesian School Santo Domingo Savio, Jose Maria Diaz Fuentes, José Illana Lope, Jimena Díaz del Álamo, Elena López Sevilla, Laura García Morcillo, Ana Soledad, Lara Fernández, Spain
  9. Weather ball project, Veikkolan yhtenäiskoulu, teacher: Aki Kukkonen, classes: 5A + 5B + 7-9 students, Finland
  10. Well being project about bread, National Science and Technology Development Agency, Supranee Sitthipairojsakul’s group, Thailand

The International LUMA StarT Education Award 2017 nominees chosen by the StarT jury are shown below. Vote for your favourite before the 21st of May!

  1. Collaboration among geography, chemistry and social studies teachers in an interdisciplinary project, Pirkkalan yläaste, Kati Lahtinen, Finland
  2. Collaboration of education and teacher training programme through StarT, MTA-SZTE Science Education Research Group, Faculty of Science and Informatics US, Erzsébet Korom, Hungary
  3. Collaboration with Physical Cultural and Sports Centre, Jonava children' nursery-kindergarten "The Sun", Natalija Zuravlioviene, Lithuania
  4. Collaboration with Science on Stage Turkey -project, Päiväkoti Satulaiva, Taipalsaari, Kirsi Rehunen, Finland
  5. Collaborative StarT fair, Odessa ORT Zhabotinski school, Anna Michurina, Ukraine
  6. Community outreach, Green group, Khadija Azaitraoui, Morocco
  7. Developing a learning module for studying mathematics in one’s surroundings, IES Santo Domingo, Eva Acosta Gavilán, Spain
  8. Developing student workshops in learning community, Primary School " Miroslav Anti", Gordana Hajdukovi-Jandri, Serbia
  9. Involving the entire school community in StarT, Betygala Maironis gymnasium, Saule Tiskuviene, Lithuania
  10. Series of activities to foster STEAM education in primary schools, De Creatieve STEM, Sanne Cools, Belgium

The voting is open online until the 21st of May.

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