Emmi Nieminen receives 2017 dissertation award from Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
The award-winning dissertation brings the economic study of fishery management towards an ecosystem-based approach.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry has granted a €1,000 award to Emmi Nieminen for her 2017 doctoral dissertation. In her dissertation in the field of environmental economics, Nieminen studies the most economically profitable method of fisheries management on the Baltic Sea with the help of bioeconomic modelling and game theory. The problem is tackled with a more comprehensive approach than traditional research on the topic.

The dissertation emphasises how economic perspectives can be linked to biology and how relevant they are to the management of fisheries. According to the dissertation, when management that seeks to maximise profits for society is combined with biological restrictions, the result is often a form of management that is more protective of fish populations than regulation based exclusively on biological recommendations.

According to the dissertation, the profitability of bioeconomic management is highlighted when fish populations are struggling. We may see such a situation in the future, as climate change progresses.

At the moment, Emmi Nieminen is working as a planning officer at the City of Tampere’s sustainable community unit. Her duties include drafting economic reports, primarily in relation to the City of Tampere’s carbon neutrality initiatives.


Nieminen, Emmi. Bioeconomic and game theoretic applications of optimal Baltic Sea fisheries management : Towards a holistic approach. 2017. Dissertation, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.