VAKAVA is a national selection cooperation network in the field of education. It draws up and organises the written VAKAVA examination, which enables prospective students to apply to all the degree programmes participating in the network.

The network encompasses the University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, University of Jyväskylä, University of Lapland, University of Oulu, University of Tampere and University of Turku.

 VAKAVA entrance examination enables prospective students to simultaneously apply to seven universities and 35 degree programmes in education. Applicants may apply to a maximum of six degree programmes nationwide.

The participating programmes are: Class Teacher Education (several), Class and Subject Teacher Education, Kindergarten Teacher and Early Childhood Education (several), Special Education (several), Education and Adult Education (several), Craft Studies and Craft Teacher Education (several), Home Economics and Home Economics Teacher Education (several and Career Counselling.

The VAKAVA examination is a part of the selection procedure in all the programmes listed above. In some of the programmes, such as teacher education, the points earned from the examination are used as the basis for selecting applicants for an aptitude test. In other programmes, such as the educational sciences, the exam points are considered a part of the final selection score.