Recent events at Legal Tech Lab

The pandemic postponed the celebrations of Legal Tech Lab's fifth birthday by a year, and we were able to organize the festivities in the spring of 2022.

Our sixth year has brought new tidings in the form of project funding from The Strategic Research Council (SRC). Lab's Director Riikka Koulu has received funding for the project Valuable breakages: repair and renewal of algorithmic systems, and professor Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo was granted research funding from the SRC for the project Generation AI. Lab is also collaborating with Faculty of Social Sciences and Aalto University on an SRC project on Designing Inclusive & Trustworthy Digital Public Services. Recent book publications in Legal Tech Lab's sphere include The Transparency Paradox: Questioning an Ideal (Oxford University Press) by associate professor Ida Koivisto.

In August, Legal Tech Lab organized a workshop named "Future-proofing the city", the goal of which was to gain a holistic understanding of the ethical and human rights implications of the smart city technologies that have been quietly invading our streets. We heard presentations discussing the temporal dimension as well as the gaps of the current human rights framework; international approaches to addressing surveillance; and human-rights aligned development and procurement.