Hack the Law 2017 presentation guide

Example deck: Themes to Cover

We wish you will cover the themes of this deck in your pitches. We recommend that you do your own deck but you can also use this in case you run out of time. Think about different ways to present your work (a demo, video, a concept, proto, role play, something else?). If you do a slide deck please use a lot of visual elements.

Presentation will be 5+2 minutes (5 minutes of presentation, 2 minutes for questions)

Our DJ Ruoto is coming tomorrow around noon and if you have special request (a song or background music etc) for your pitch, please contact him directly or any of our wonderful crew members.

Deadline to submit presentations is 3pm

Submit presentations to Drive folder

Pitching starts at 4pm

Remember that tomorrow's pitches at 16.00 are open to all. Circulate the word, tweet or shout about it,  ask your friends, gramma, dogsitter etc to come and enjoy the ride!

Help to fine tune your pitching

Tomorrow we'll have a joint pitch instruction first at 9.30 and after that there will be mentors to listen to your training pitches and give you feedback. Use this opportunity and go through your presentation with all possible mentors to get enough feedback