Hack the Law 2017 Jury Instructions 15.10.2017

Jury Instructions 15.10.2017

Who is the jury

Jury members are professionals that hold exceptional industry knowledge, relevant expertise and significant influence. The jury members come from different backgrounds representing different aspects of law, technology and design so that together they have a broad understanding of the legal tech environment.

The jury members decide winners in three different categories: 1) best overall, 2) most viable and 3) most creative solution. Choosing a winner is a tough choice and the decisions need to be done quickly. Bear in mind that it’s the idea that counts, not how fancy the pitch is. For transparency the jury is asked to explain the grounds behind their decisions (a couple of words is enough).

When does judging begin

The entries will be accessible on an online platform at 15.00, one hour before presentations will begin at 16.00 (be at Think Corner before the pitches start). After the presentations the jury will have up to an hour to decide the winners (17.00-18.00). The winners will be announced at Thinki Corner at 18.00 and after that we will have a casual afterparty.

A good jury member

  • Considers the solutions based on the pre-established criteria

  • Is open-minded and can conceptualize abstract ideas

  • Can give positive feedback and constructive critique

  • Is able to evaluate the feasibility, creativity and potential impact of different solutions

Members of the Jury

  • Sari Korhonen, Edita Publishing

  • Merja Muilu, Ministry of Justice

  • Eetu Mäkelä, HELDIG

  • Kimmo Nuotio, Faculty of Law

  • Jakob Storå, Superhero Capital

  • Minttu Viitanen, Accenture

General Instructions

  • different teams have different outcomes, some have made actual demos, others have only concepts - don’t get fixated on the execution of the presentation but focus on the idea itself

  • be as objective as possible despite your own interests and perspectives

  • try not give all prizes to one team

  • take notes during the demos, these will be handy later on when you deliberate

  • during the deliberation focus on round table discussion not scaling different aspects - you could start by telling others if one or two presentations stuck out as clear winners in your opinion

  • hack the law is all about having fun, playing and experimenting with new and sometimes crazy ideas. this applies to you also!

  • decide who is going to announce the winner (Lab crew member is going to be with you on the stage to hand out the actual prize) - this member should also give a couple of bullet points to explain why this hack earned the prize


  • focus on balance of different aspects

  • usefulness/ practicality: istuu hyvin tehtävänantoon eli tarjoaa ratkaisun ongelmaan (improve access to justice)

  • Quality and impact of the pitch

  • A solution that connects a wide range of talent and diverse backgrounds of the members


  • the most creative prize goes to the craziest idea that is not necessarily viable or works in practice but the idea shows commendable thinking outside the box

  • shows unique use of design thinking in solving legal problems/issues/access to legal information


  • the most viable prize goes to the idea that has the most business potential

  • the demo/ concept could easily be developed into a minimum viable product or has already been developed during the weekend into an early stage prototype

  • the concept solves a relevant problem and has potential markets