Chief scientist, TrademarkNow

Application Development Senior Analyst, Accenture


Eetu Mäkelä is a tenure-track assistant professor in digital humanities at the University of Helsinki, and a docent (adjunct professor) in computer science at Aalto University. His background is in developing computational tools to support humanities and social science research based on rich data. For his work, he has obtained over a dozen awards, including multiple for the use and publication of open data. He also has a proven track record in developing systems fit for continued use in society.


Management Consultant, Accenture

Technology Consultant, Accenture

Turre Legal

Jakob is a co-founder of Superhero Capital, a venture capital firm that makes early-stage investments in B2B software companies. Previously, he co-founded a company that focused on accelerating research-based business ideas. He has also worked as a business lawyer and knows his way around the legal challenges startups face. Jakob holds an LL.M. from the University of Helsinki and a Ph.D. in financial accounting from Hanken School of Economics.



Senior lecturer, LL.D., Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Jukka linna has almost 30 years of experience as a lawyer, teaching law and in business. He is passionate about encouraging law students to explore new paths and ways of practicing the law. Jukka wil help participants to master the art of pitching.

Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki

Application Development Senior Analyst, Accenture

Interaction Design Manager, Fjord

Head of Legal Aid and Enforcement Unit in the Ministry of Justice

Mikael is a freelance Service Systems Designer who seeks to promote approaches to Design for Data in Open Knowledge Finland. Open and/or shared data is a resource that can be reused at a low transaction cost. Data thus is not custom to each single service but rather a systemic resource. Design Thinking methods are increasingly being used in systemic contexts such as data… and law. The secret here is to design how these shared resources can be reused and simplified for the benefit of the service users.








Tatu Malmstön is the CEO and co-finder of Pentagon Insight, a consultancy improving services, brands and customer experiences. Their work is built around uncovering resonant insight into changing markets & target group behaviour and turning that change into organizational & business development. The company works internationally, with a wide array of non-profit and business clientele.

Unity Technologies