Hack the Law 2017 Judge guide

Judges are professionals that are invited to the panel because they have exceptional industry knowledge, expertise and influence.

We have invited jury members from different backgrounds to represent different aspects of law, technology, design and the challenge of the Hack.

The judges will decide winners in three different categories:

  1. best overall
  2. most viable
  3. most creative solution.

Choosing a winner is a tough choice and the decisions need to be done quickly. The idea is most important, not the pitching skills. However clarity and toughtfullness of presentation matter a great deal. Judges must use their expertise and insights in finding the overall winner but are able to give credit to exceptional creativity and skillfull execution as well. One entry may win more than one category.

For transparency the jury is asked to explain the grounds behind their decisions (a couple of words is enough). The entries will be accessible for judges on an online platform at 15.00, one hour before presentations will begin. After the presentations the jury will have up to an hour to disscuss and decide the winners.

A good jury member

  • Considers the solutions based on the more specific criteria given by prize category
  • Is open-minded and ready to embrace out-of-the-box solutions
  • Gives positive feedback and constructive critique
  • Is able to comment on the feasibility, creativity and potential impact of different solutions
  • The jury must be as objective as possible, and the jury members should therefore not double in the role of Mentor

The jury members are expected to attend the event for the final presentations on Sunday from 15.00 the latest when the teams will have finished their work. The judges will have one hour to familiarize themselves with the submitted entries before presentations begin at 16:00

The afterparty will begin at around 17.00 after the pitches and the Prize ceremony will begin as soon as the judges have come to a conclusion but at 18:00 the latest. We sincerely hope that judges will stay for the ceremony.

However, the jury is more than welcome to look around at any time during the weekend to get a feel of the event. The jury is also warmly welcome to the pre-event and cocktails on Friday.