I have graduated from the University of Dundee in 2014 (LL.B Scots and English Law (Hons.). Thereafter, I started on the MICL International Business Law programme at the University of Helsinki in 2017 with one objective: graduation. My responsibilities are the day-to-day operations and running of the Legal Tech Lab. I am the hero the Lab deserves, and also the one it needs right now. I am a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a coordinator. First, I applied for the Lab on a whim, but after a few months deep in the legal tech scene I saw the impact the Lab’s objectives could have on the society and tech industry. These days I am a champion of algorithmic fairness and technological due process. I have a passion for liquorice ice cream and rabbits, and continue my crusade against implementing blockchain in everything under the sun.


My name is Linda, and I will start my third year as a law student at the University of Helsinki next Autumn 2018. I will be functioning as a volunteer at the Legal Tech Lab for the upcoming year, mostly with various researching projects as a member of the empirical - studies team. I am looking forward to learning more about how technology will shape the future legal professions and excited about the opportunity of volunteering at the lab!


I'm a fourth year law student from the university of Helsinki with an emphasis on legal tech, IPR and privacy. I have been a crew member since last May when I participated in organising our "law and digitalisation" conference. Since that I've helped with events such as "hack the law" and "sleetmakers at slush". I've also wrote an article together with Riikka koulu and Sonja Vainio considering legal tech and hackathons. I am going to host our upcoming conference regarding "legal AI" with Fanny Mattson.


I am a fourth year law student in the University of Helsinki. In Legal Tech Lab I have been active in the conference team and medium. I became interested in the Lab’s activities as I wanted to explore the intersection of law and technology with people who share the same interest. Currently, my main fields of interest in legal tech scene lie in ledger technology and fintech in genera.



I am a fifth-year law student from University of Helsinki and I've been volunteering for the lab on different projects since the beginning of this year. I applied to be a volunteer simply out of curiosity for tech related legal matters. For the moment, my main interests on the legal tech scene circles around intellectual property and data protection.


I am a law student at University of Helsinki with background in journalism having worked for Hufvudstadsbladet and YLE. I have also attended the journalism programme at the Swedish School of Social Science. At the Lab, I am part of the Empirical study and Hack the law-teams. kaMy main motivation for joining the lab was to learn more about how change caused by digitalization affect people in practice. I am writing my bachelor’s thesis on criminal liability in relation to autonomous vehicles, nevertheless I am also interested in questions regarding IPR. Karolina has been involved with several NGO's in the field of education. This has included playing a charity soccer game against professional Finnish-Sierra Leonese soccer players without having earlier soccer experience. Guess which team won...


I'm a "Nth year" law student from the University of Helsinki, in the role of a volunteer responsible for sponsorships for the Lab. I've always been kind of a geek, so it felt pretty natural to apply. As for the main field of interest in the legal tech scene, I'd have to say AI and more specifically its relation to intellectual property rights. I make dank memes.


I joined Legal Tech Lab in Spring 2018. Currently, I am a LL.M. candidate in the University of Helsinki. Previously, I have completed a Bachelor's Degree in European Law School at Maastricht University. I was particularly drawn to the Lab due to its friendly environment and diversified projects combining law and technology. Last Spring, I mainly assisted in the organisation of the Lab's annual conference Legal Tech Con together with other lovely Lab's crew members. I am particularly curious about cryptocurrencies.