Following up on the European strategy for AI, presented in April 2018, the European Commission introduced a White Paper on AI as part of its Digital Strategy package in early 2020. The WP focuses on regulatory and investment policy choices to promote the uptake of AI and to address risks associated with it.

The Commission aims to engage the public and private sector as well as EU and Member State funding, to build what it refers to as an 'ecosystem' able to support the development and uptake of AI in the EU. To manage both the opportunities and risks the use of AI brings, and to counter the possibility of fragmentation of the internal market, the Commission calls for a "solid European regulatory framework for trustworthy AI". According to the Commission's vision, "a clear European regulatory framework would build trust among consumers and businesses in AI, and therefore speed up the uptake of the technology." Because features of AI, or algorithms, pose challenges to the existing regulatory framework, the Commission suggests current legislation should be reviewed in terms of whether or not it is able to address the risks of AI and whether it can be effectively enforced, or whether AI requires adapting existing legislation or introducing new legislation.

This webinar focuses on regulative challenges in general and in particular those related to transparency and private liability in the AI context.