Director Riikka Koulu

Director of the Legal Tech Lab, LL.

D. trained on the bench, assistant professor of Social and Legal Implications of AI, University of Helsinki

Research interests: law and technology, digitalization and automation of legal practice, blockchain studies, conflict management, legal AI and machine learning, robotics, data analytics, online dispute resolution, courtroom technology, cross-border procedural law

Dr. Riikka Koulu is an assistant professor of Social and Legal Implications of AI at the University of Helsinki. She is also the director of the University of Helsinki Legal Tech Lab, a research hub that focuses in digitalisation of legal practice. She has received her PhD in procedural law in 2016 and explored technology-enabled privatisation of coercion in her dissertation. In her postdoc projects, she examines the impact of increasing automation on the legal profession, e.g. algorithmic fairness and autonomous decision making, dispute resolution technology, the use of data analytics in law and governance of autonomous ledger technologies.