Results to Practice: Navigating Complexities to Create Meaningful Impact

The first Practice Research Talks Webinar takes place online on 17th November at 10-12 am

Professor Christa Fouché from the University of Auckland will give her presentation online via zoom:


Results to Practice: Navigating Complexities to Create Meaningful Impact

The importance of using research findings to improve services, and the most effective ways to do that, have been debated in the literature for decades. Resources relating to knowledge translation, mobilisation, exchange, and dissemination to ensure evidence can impact practice are numerous and diverse. Several authors indicate that mechanisms for dissemination are not functioning optimally or consistently though. To ensure effective use of research results in practice, it is imperative for stakeholders to be clear on the why, how, who and when of their choices for knowledge dissemination.

This presentation will briefly highlight the importance of partnerships to navigate contextual complexities to ensure practice research findings result in meaningful impact. Creative ways for developing and disseminating co-constructed knowledge will be considered with an emphasis on ensuring that dissemination mechanisms are aligned with the goals of the required impact, fit the practice research results, and appropriately address the intended audience at the best time.

Christa Fouché is a Professor of Social Work at the University of Auckland and holds a joint appointment as Associate Dean Postgraduate Research and Director of a Centre for Community Research and Evaluation. In these roles she is involved in the development of postgraduate research initiatives and supervision opportunities. She is passionate about supporting researchers to do practice-relevant research that makes a difference to communities and to build evidence of promising practices through affirming partnerships.

Christa Fouché`s keynote will be followed by a commentator speech by Senior Specialist Heidi Muurinen from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, and then open discussion.

Please join us on 17th November at 10.00 to listen and discuss online via Zoom:

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