Compass Schedule
Want to know more about what exactly to expect during the pre-incubator? Check out our full schedule below.

All events take place at the Exactum building in Kumpula unless specified otherwise. More detailed location information will be shared with participants upon selection.

Interested in knowing who the people featured in the workshops are?
Kick Off - Friday May 6th, 5PM-8PM

The kick-off evening for the programme will take place on Friday the 6th of May from 5PM to 8PM at the Exactum building in Kumpula.

After a short introduction to the programme, you'll have the opportunity to get to know the other participants in the programme, spend time to set goals & schedules for you and your team, and start working on clearly defining the problem you'll be working to address over the next weeks.

Working as a Team + Defining the Problem & Crystallising your Solution - Saturday May 7th - 10AM-6PM

On the 2nd day of our kick-off weekend, you'll gather with the programme's other participants on Saturday the 7th of May for a full-day session running from 10AM to 6PM.

The day will begin with a workshop and exercises on how to best work together as a team, led by Minttu Ripatti of the University of Helsinki's Innovation & Entrepreneurship team. This will be followed by workshops led by Helsinki Think Company experts to establish the building blocks that you'll be playing with during the programme, namely what exactly is the problem that you've chosen to address, and how do you crystallise a solution for it?

Lean Canvas - Tuesday May 10th, 5PM-8PM

On Tuesday May 10th, the 2nd week of the programme will open with a Helsinki Think Company-led workshop on the Lean Canvas model from 5PM to 8PM. You'll get to learn with Eeva Siika-Aho of Think Co what the Lean Canvas is, and, using a version of it specifically designed for the programme, see how you can best use it to deconstruct your idea and create a well-defined, easily updated plan for your solution.

Business Stories & Backcasting - Thursday May 12th, 5PM-8PM

Thursday May 12th will see yourself and the other programme participants once again gather at the Exactum building in Kumpula to hear inspiring stories and learn how to backcast your idea. 

The evening will begin at 5PM with experienced professionals telling their business stories to serve as an example for what your path could look like. You'll then hear about how to backcast your idea, or in other words, defining a desirable outcome and working to establish the required steps to reach said desirable outcome. Towards the end of the evening, you'll also have the opportunity to take part in a Q&A session with the evening's experts and get valuable answers to your most burning questions.

The speakers for the evening are:

  • Tuomas Oksanen,
  • Elina Arponen, Quicksave Interactive
  • Caritta Seppä, Tespack


Understanding Customer Needs - Tuesday May 17th, 5PM-8PM

The May 17th session will focus on how to research, define, and understand your customers' needs, and how to modify your solution to best serve them.

With help from Minttu Ripatti and Chiara Facciotto, experts from the University of Helsinki's Innovation & Entrepreneurship team, you'll spend the three hour workshop learning methods of understanding who your potential users are, what their needs they may have, and how to incorporate the information you have about those needs into your solution.

Building Sustainable Businesses & Measuring Impact - Thursday May 19th, 5PM-8PM

What does it mean to be a sustainable business? How do you build one? And how do you measure your impact? These important questions will be addressed in our May 19th workshop with the help of Santeri Tuovila of the University of Helsinki's Innovation & Entrepreneurship team and external experts.

During the evening's session, you'll hear about sustainability and ways of incorporating it in your plans, in addition to learning about methods you can use to define and measure metrics for impact.

The experts joining us for this workshop are:

  • Mikko-Pekka Hanski, The Ministry of Good Spirit  
  • Alisa Mick, MiXi  
  • Antti Moilanen, Laina App  
  • Tatu Sahrman, Rekki  
  • Konsta Kallio-Mannila, ResQ club  
  • Verneri Välimaa, Arctic Startup

The event is open to a select few external participants, so please, register using the link below if you're interested, and join us on the 19th!

Storytelling & Pitching - Tuesday May 24th, 5PM-8PM

One of the more important skills to have when building a solution is knowing how to tell your story. Who are you, what are you solving, why should people be interested? On May 24th, you'll get the chance to practice just this.

With the help of Chiara Facciotto, Mikael Malmivaara, and Minttu Ripatti of the University of Helsinki's Innovation & Entrepreneurship team, you'll cover not only the basics regarding pitching your idea to outsiders and building a good presentation, but also how to adapt your message to your audience, how to be an engaging presence when speaking, and how to improvise when you're in the spotlight.

Business Model & Funding - Wednesday May 25th, 5PM-8PM

Defining what your business model is, and how you can fund your operations are crucial elements of building a solution to any problem. On May 25th, Andrés Peña Archila of the University of Helsinki's Innovation & Entrepreneurship team and a serial entrepreneur & experienced business consultant will walk you and the programme's other participants through the many different possibilities available to you.

Sales & Quick Pilot - Saturday May 28th, 10AM-6PM

On Saturday May 28th, you and the programme's other participants will gather once more for an all-day session in Kumpula to cover Sales & building Quick Pilot of your idea.

The day will start with a workshop led by Ari Huczkowski of the University of Helsinki's Innovation & Entrepreneurship team where you'll learn the basics of sales and how to bring your solution to the wider world. This will be followed by a Helsinki Think Company-led workshop on building quick pilot to test your idea.

Expert Advice Night - Tuesday May 31st, 5PM-8PM

On May 31st, over the course of three hours, you'll have the opportunity to present your idea, progress, and concerns to a rotating group of hand-picked mentors during our expert advice night, and receive valuable personal guidance and advice from each one you meet.

Mentors will spend 30 minutes with each participating team or individual, listening to your idea, asking questions, and raising any issues they may see with the solution you present them. While some mentors may end up seeming tough, their goal is to see you succeed, and every one of them will be trying to help you to the best of their abilities.

The workshop will be facilitated by the Helsinki Think Company, and the list of mentors will be announced closer to the programme's launch.

Semi-final - Thursday June 2nd, 5PM-8PM

After having worked on your solution for nearly a month, you'll get your first chance on June 2nd to present it to a panel of judges, get asked important questions, and receive valuable feedback. You'll also get the opportunity to hear what the other participants in the programme have been working on.

We hope you'll take this opportunity to learn, listen, and adapt based on what you'll see and hear.

Communications & Marketing - Tuesday June 7th, 5PM-8PM

We all know that marketing and communications are something that is meant to be important for every organisation. But what is it, exactly? On Tuesday June 7th you'll have the opportunity to hear about communications and marketing from Kaija Rossi, the Chief Strategy Officer at Bob the Robot Ltd., one of Finland's leading ad agencies.

You'll get to learn what their processes are, how they determine what to do and who to target, where they get their ideas from, and what you can do to make sure that everyone knows who you are. You'll also get the chance to talk to Kaija and a few of her colleagues and get personal advice on how you might want to go about promoting your idea to the rest of the world.

Legal Advice - Thursday, June 9th, 5PM-8PM

On June 9th, you'll learn all about the fine print. Corporate law and its many concepts, rules, and requirements. Want to know what exactly a limited liability company is and does? Confused about contracts? Or do you just want to make sure you're not committing crimes?

The workshop will start with a guest speaker covering the basics of what you need to know before setting up a company, and the continue with opportunity to speak to legal experts afterwards to get answers to your questions or be notified of a potential legal hurdle you might face. If nothing else, you'll at least learn why you should hire a lawyer.

Finalising & Polishing - Tuesday June 14th, 5PM-8PM

At the start of the programme's final week, you'll have the chance to spend the last workshop on June 14th before the June 16th final putting the finishing touches on your solution and make sure you're ready to present the most polished version of your idea to the panel of judges during the final. And in case you need some last minute advice, multiple experts from the University of Helsinki's Innovation & Entrepreneurship team will be on hand during the workshop to give you a hand.

Programme Final - Wednesday, June 15th 5PM-8PM

On the evening of June 15th, we'll all gather at the Physicum building in Kumpula for an exciting final.

At the final, you'll get the chance to present the fruits of your labours to a panel of expert judges from the Deep Tech, AI & Sustainability fields, and each team will get 3 minutes on stage to pitch, followed by a few questions from the judges afterwards afterwards.

We hope that after the final, every team will be excited to carry on with their solution, and we will gladly have quick chats with interested teams about how they might do this, although we will have a more in-depth "next steps" session in August to which all teams will be invited to.

Next Steps - August 22nd, time TBD

In late August, as everyone returns from their summer holidays, we'll organise one last workshop where all teams will be invited to hear about all the possible alternatives you may have to take your idea onwards. We hope to see as many of the programme participants as possible there!