Circulator 2.0 — Circular Economy
For those disrupting linear thinking - Circulator 2.0 is the place to be. The 2nd ideas-to-solutions Circular Economy programme provides an opportunity to define problems and test solutions. Apply for a 360˚view of the field and join the Viikki-based community tackling sustainability issues large & small.

Call open from February 13th to March 31st, programme will run from April 14th to June 14th.
About Circulator 2.0

Do you look at current consumer life-styles and linear  product life-cycles and see the inherent sustainability problems that lie within? Do you want to help the world transition to a model that is conscious of the climate and biodiversity crises, seeking to create sustainable resource loops of reusing, refurbishing, and recycling?

We believe that the combination of entrepreneurship and circular economy are critical to the necessary regeneration of our planet. This is why we've created a programme focused on the road from ideas to sustainable solutions from a business perspective, while highlighting trending topics from consumerism and smart building to biological regeneration and more.

To succeed, Circular Economy requires decentralised, community-based way of solving linear problems, and we therefore acknowledge that no one company or government can succeed on their own. The Viikki-based Circulator 2.0 pre-incubator will take part in creating this circular community, and as circular economy requires every player to understand the effect of their actions in the circle, the intense seven-week programme will focus on several areas of circular economy to give its participants a full-circle understanding of the subject. In addition to covering the basics of the subject along with problem defining & solution prototyping, the programme will also have a strong focus on ecosystem cooperation with supporting actors – the key to building a successful community.

Throughout the programme, we’ll have the opportunity to learn from latest research from environmental science, biology, agriculture, and forestry. As an example, the Viikki Science Campus is close both literally and figuratively to research institutes like Syke and Luke, where hundreds of professionals are researching and guiding the use of material and natural resources – research which can be used in Circular Economy. Furthermore, thanks to our partnership with the MiXi association, Circulator 2.0 will be a part of the group of flagship Finnish circular economy initiatives, with projects running from North Kemi to South Helsinki, and offer its participants an opportunity to work together on designing the upcoming Circular Economy Museum. In addition, you’ll get a chance to work with other programmes in the Helsinki Incubators family, including Viikki Food Design Factory’s programmes which are striving for a sustainable food system with a particular focus on the circle of nutrition.

By the end of this programme, you’ll have acquired a deep understanding of the many dimensions of Circular Economy & entrepreneurship, as well as gotten to know the current professionals in the field and their interesting projects in Finland and abroad. This combination of knowledge & connections will allow you to become a valued member of the circular economy professional community and be able to bring your solution to reality. And, if you have it what it takes and want to continue your entrepreneurial journey, you can apply to join more advanced Helsinki Incubators programmes. These can help you further grow and develop your solution, with the Biosphere incubator being specifically tailored for Circulator 2.0 teams.

The programme is produced in partnership with the MiXi Centre, Helsinki Think Company, and is powered by the City of Helsinki.

Programme Schedule

Circulator 2.0 will take place 2-3 times a week from April 14th to June 14th at various locations both at the Viikki campus and elsewhere in capital region, and the programme will be held in English and in person.

As the programme will be packed with activities, it's advisable to clear some space in your calendar to make the most of it. We'll get to meet hundreds of professionals in the field and learn & gain insights from them about current circular economy solutions, projects, and professionals at a number of open events. This community interaction will be supported by our workshops where we'll use design thinking, impact assessment, and lean development, and we'll be practicing communication & presentation skills. All the while, you'll be working to implement the learnings from the programme to your field of interest in circular economy.

You'll also be provided with a lot of material and exercises for you to deepen your understanding of circular economy during the programme. Doing circular economy is not easy, and as it is far from being mainstream, we as forerunners will need to put in extra effort to change current practices. 

At the end of the programme, you'll get to take part in the community showcase on June 14th, presenting both all of the solutions generated by you and your fellow participants as well as circular economy as a whole.

A more detailed schedule for Circulator 2.0 will be published soon.


The call for Circulator 2.0 will open on February 13th and close on March 31st. More information about the call requirements will be posted soon.

We welcome applications from any idea-stage individuals or teams both from the University of Helsinki and the broader Helsinki community wanting to learn the skills needed to transform their idea into something impactful. Students, researchers, staff, alumni, and enthusiastic citizens are all equally welcome to join and come create the change they want to see.

Can't wait for the call to open, or interested in taking part in one of our other programmes in the future? Please send us an open application at the link below and our team will be in touch in due time.

Contact Us

Santeri Tuovila, Project Lead for Circulator 1.0

+358 29 41 21207

Alisa Mick, Circular Economy Expert & Ecosystem Liaison

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