Urban Tech Helsinki

Urban Tech Helsinki is an incubator for clean and sustainable urban solutions offered with support from four partner organisations: the University of Helsinki, Metropolia UAS, Aalto University, and the City of Helsinki.

The call for applications is currently open. Apply by 19 March!
Helping turn ideas into solutions for the challenges of modern cities

Urban Tech Helsinki's goal is to turn fresh innovations into successful, growth-oriented international businesses. The programme is a part of the vibrant Helsinki startup ecosystem, with corporate and investor partners in search of sustainable urban solutions. Solving global challenges is a business opportunity worth billions of euros – and it’s well worth taking.

Urban Tech Helsinki's application period is open twice a year – July-August and January-February. Each year, the programme coaches 15-20 early-stage tech startups in Helsinki, and helps them find testing and piloting opportunities with its partners in the City of Helsinki and the universities in the area: Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, and Metropolia UAS.

Read more about Urban Tech Helsinki and apply for the programme from their website, or follow the programme on social media and join the movement for a smart city!