Social Impact Incubator TREMOR Taking in Applications for its Third Round — Apply by 17 April!

In a world in need of innovative solutions to complex challenges, social entrepreneurs are the pioneers leading the charge. TREMOR, the University of Helsinki’s incubator for impactful solutions in the fields of society, education, wellbeing, communities, and law returns for its third round this spring.

Welcome to the third edition of TREMOR! In today's ever-changing society, even small ideas can spark big changes. At TREMOR, we believe in the power of these ideas to transform communities and challenge the norm. Located in the heart of the City Centre, TREMOR offers a six-month programme for individuals ready to turn their business ideas into sustainable ventures with a social impact. 

Selected participants will receive tailored support and mentorship to help them succeed. Through a mix of workshops, lectures, and networking events, TREMOR provides the tools and connections needed for growth. Together, we're building a community of change-makers committed to making a difference in the world. Join us on this journey of transformation and impact!

The TREMOR programme is free of charge and open to University of Helsinki students, researchers, and staff, as well as residents of the Helsinki Capital Region more generally. We welcome outstanding teams displaying a strong commitment to drive societal change and innovative business ideas from all backgrounds. 

Your goal? To challenge the societal status quo with your innovation or solution. Ours? To make sure that you receive as much help as possible to succeed.

Programme Details

At TREMOR, we're not just incubating businesses and non-profits; we're fostering a community of change-makers ready to make a tangible impact on the world.  

Programme Timeline: TREMOR is an immersive 6-month learning experience structured around weekly on-site workshops. Tailored mentor sessions will complement your growth throughout the journey. The first phase will run from 6 May to 28 June, and after the summer break the programme will continue from 4 August until 11 December.  

Workshop Sessions: Workshops are held at the City Centre Campus of the University typically once, sometimes twice a week. These sessions require in-person attendance from at least one key team member per session. 

Mentors: For the duration of the programme, your team will be matched with 1-2 mentors according to your needs. These experienced experts will provide support and actionable insights and recommendations to propel your solution forward. Mentor sessions take place 1-2 times per month, either face-to-face or online, and are scheduled by you independently. Mandatory attendance is required from all team members. 

Programme Outcomes: By the programme's end, teams will have achieved key milestones, e.g. identifying precise problems, developing a solution, aligning with sustainable development goals, and creating polished Pitch Decks and go-to-market strategies. Participants will have gained entrepreneurial skills, including sales techniques and market insights, and an assortment of tools for the benefit of their careers more generally, such as problem-solving, teamwork and time management skills.

Please fill out the application form by responding to the provided questions. We'll thoroughly assess all submissions, and teams that meet the criteria will be selected for a 30-minute video interview with our TREMOR team via MS Teams as the first stage of the process. The deadline for applications is 17 April, 2024, at 11:59 PM. 

Meet Our Mentors and Alumni: “The People Here at Helsinki Incubators Are Welcoming, and Always Cheerful”

TREMOR has been instrumental in fostering socially-driven ventures, with two cohorts of participants already making waves in the entrepreneurial landscape. Among our esteemed alumni is Composia, a team dedicated to bridging academic innovation with real-world application. Timo Laiho and Helena Kojola, the team behind Composia, found invaluable guidance in the TREMOR programme as they developed their music composition software based on Laiho’s doctoral research at the University of Helsinki. Laiho emphasises the programme's transformative impact: "TREMOR has provided a platform for me to rethink the potential of my knowledge. I can recommend TREMOR to anyone!"

Another inspiring alumna, Jenny Law, embarked on the TREMOR journey to refine her platform, Hello There, aimed at supporting new parents navigating the challenges of parenthood. Despite Law's prior entrepreneurial experience, TREMOR's supportive environment offered her newfound confidence and clarity in her product. Reflecting on her mentors' invaluable support, Law expresses gratitude for their unwavering belief in her vision: "My mentors have been brilliant... They've given me more than just advice—they trust me, and that gives me so much confidence." 

Jarno Laine, a co-founding Rocket Scientist turned Software Developer and mentor at Helsinki Incubators, embodies the spirit of mentorship at TREMOR. For Laine, witnessing the success of participants is deeply rewarding: "It's inspiring. It's hard to explain why, but my team’s accomplishments have brought tears to my eyes. Not everyone affects me this way, but it's gratifying."  

Laine's dedication to fostering a supportive and uplifting environment underscores TREMOR's commitment to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to success. He shares: "I learn from the people I teach here. It's a reciprocal process—I give something and receive something in return. The people here at Helsinki Incubators are welcoming, and always cheerful. I start feeling happy as soon as I walk into our event space.” 

Explore our news features featuring former TREMOR participants and interviews with mentors to get a glimpse of the valuable knowledge and opportunities awaiting you.

TREMOR Info Sessions

Curious about TREMOR? Still have questions you'd like to ask before you apply? Want to hear more about the programme to find out if it's the right place for you? 

Then consider attending one of our two TREMOR info sessions, held on 3 April and 10 April at our Event Space in the city centre. You'll be able to get answers to all of your questions related to the programme directly from programme manager Pete Karumo, hear alumni talk about their experiences, and find out how you can take part in TREMOR. 

Click the links below for detailed information on the sessions and make sure to sign up beforehand to attend! 

For More Information, Contact

Pete Karumo, TREMOR Programme Manager 

+358 50 4389235 

Pete on LinkedIn 

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