Mentor Interview Index

Here is an index of all the Helsinki Incubators Blogs-entries featuring mentors from our incubator programmes, that have been published thus far. This index will be updated as more interviews are conducted and subsequently published.

Varpu Rusila and Her Finland — "It's not social media, it's social mission"


Saila Tykkyläinen: How to embrace impact and grow at the same time — "A social enterprise can grow and still do good"


Moving the world with Markus Raivio — "Social innovations have the potential to create big changes"


The future of business with Timo Rantanen — "The size of the company does not determine its relationship to being responsible"


AI-powered social impact with Antti Merilehto — "Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made"


Reggie Rusan: Building a GDPR compliant company in Finland — "When used effectively, GDPR can be a competitive advantage"


The entrepreneurial path with Topi Manu of Google — "Social entrepreneurship is changing the way we think about business"


Talking legal tech with Maya Markovich — "Justice tech, on the other hand, takes legal tech a step further"


Satu Apukka and the two-way nature of mentoring  — “Mentoring is sharing, and sharing is caring”


The art of startups with Sam Laakkonen — “Ideas do not have value – how you bring your ideas to life creates the value.”


What works and what doesn’t with Michael Vormittag — "For me, technology, combined with collaboration, is a strong driver for progress"


The perpetual ascent with Tamir Huberman — "Anything is possible when you are fully committed"


Eagle-like laser focus with Shark Tank star Kim Väisänen — “Success comes from relentless focus”


Maria Rojas Fraile and the dance of business — “We need crazy and unconventional ideas that society can develop for the future”


Creative entrepreneurship with self-proclaimed rocket scientist Jarno Laine — “A creative mind trapped in an engineer’s body”


Seizing the day with Mia Uitto — “The things you’re passionate about are what you excel at”


Pete Karumo, perseverence and the passion within — “Starting something has to come from within"


The importance of respecting yourself with Andreas Roos — “Reframing is the key to work success and life happiness”


On the value of our humanistic and artistic capabilities with Elena Fadul  “A sort of inner strength, that’s something you need to cultivate and nurture”