Get to know NEXUS 1 alumni stories!

Looking for motivation to apply for NEXUS 2? Then why not get acquainted with these seven NEXUS 1 alumni stories!

As the 2nd call for our Deep Tech, AI & Sustainability incubator programme NEXUS is under way, we thought it good to give you one easy place to get to know the stories of NEXUS 1 alumni. Check out the 7 alumni stories below, and be sure to apply to NEXUS 2 by 6 August 2023!


SilvaTrace envisions a world where consumers, retailers, forest owners, and the environment benefit from the increased transparency that their Traceable Tree service would bring to the market. Get to know their story here.

Ilu Earth

Ilu Earth is working on developing tools for climate change mitigation and adaptation to help organisations of all sizes and governments both local and national monitor and assess their climate impact, work towards achieving Net-Zero, and plan climate adaptation activities. Get to know their story here.


Enreport created an energy management platform that can help clients of all types predict and optimise energy consumption with a few clicks, helping them save energy, money, and the environment. Get to know their story here.


Causality is on a mission to help change management accounting to be more accurate and accessible for companies of all sizes utilising novel methods and technology. Get to know their story here.


By using AI, HeiTech is helping businesses and content creators make their videos resonate with countless new audiences by speaking directly to them in their own language. Get to know their story here.


Team Origami is working to enable businesses to integrate AI & Machine Learning applications on a wide range of devices without relying on expensive networking & cloud computing services thanks to their Cloudless AI/TinyML solution. Get to know their story here.


Blink is seeking to assist students across the world who struggle with the responsibility of managing their finances with an AI-enable solutions that helps them more easily stay on top of their finances and start building wealth at a far earlier stage than before. Get to know their story here.

AiLobe Health

AiLobe Health is a team made up of four neuroscientists frustrated with the poor quality of mental health and wellbeing tools available today. Utilising AI and research, they hope to provide a more holistic and science-based platform for businesses to offer to employees. Get to know their story here.

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