Biosphere Calls for Impactful Solutions to Apply to Its 2nd Round

The 6-month incubator for solutions in bio- & circular economy returns next autumn in even higher spirits to act once again as a springboard for innovative problem solvers to change the world for the better.

The Helsinki Incubators team calls for applicants to Biosphere, the in-depth incubator for well-defined solutions aspiring to solve environmental issues, big and small, through bio- and circular economy. Welcome subjects include – but are not limited to – the reuse of materials, extending product and material lifecycles, sustainable energy production, sustainable forestry, agriculture or aquaculture, and the use of biomaterials.

As one of Helsinki Incubators’ mentor-driven programmes, the Viikki-based Biosphere will carefully match participants with world-class professionals who will provide experience-based guidance and access to useful networks of partners and clients throughout the incubation period. Moreover, Biosphere will provide participants with weekly in-person, expert-led workshop sessions that cover various relevant topics particular to sustainable entrepreneurship, and that are tailored to participants’ needs. Sessions also provide teams with ample co-working and networking opportunities with other participants, resulting in a supportive, community-based learning environment.

“Before I came to Biosphere, I did not know anything about entrepreneurship. I'm an academic, and in the beginning I was quite intimidated by this whole new world that exists outside of research. But the people in Biosphere really helped me gain confidence in taking what I have and giving it to the world,” says Gugan Eswaran, who took part in the first batch of the incubator.

More information about the Biosphere incubator programme can be found here!

An Even Better Tailored Programme

The need for innovative solutions that address current environmentally unsustainable practices is more acute than ever, as global climate and environmental crises intensify. What the planet needs is motivated thinkers and doers ready to tackle even the most daunting of projects for the benefit of the globe. As one of the world’s leading research universities, with connections to multiple environmental and sustainability research institutes, the University of Helsinki is well equipped to provide enthusiastic potential entrepreneurs a place to create impactful start-ups to take on the regeneration and protection of the planet.

Furthermore, the second round of the programme will be even better finetuned to meet the needs of participants. As programme lead Tuomas Pollari comments excitedly: “The first round of Biosphere functioned as a platform to retrieve valuable insight into the kind of support our teams need. In the second round, we can apply this knowledge to enhance the program even further!”

Teams and individuals with well-defined solutions are invited to apply to the programme by 19 June. You may be affiliated to the University of Helsinki, e.g. as a student, researcher, staff member or alumni, though all residents of the Helsinki metropolitan area are warmly welcome to come make reality of their impactful solutions. If you’re interested in joining Biosphere, please apply here!

For more information about Biosphere, see the programme webpage, or contact programme lead Tuomas Pollari at or through LinkedIn.