Spring 2021 Chinese Language Teacher Training
On 13 March 2021 Confucius Institute held its second online training for Chinese Language Teachers in Finland. As the pandemic has affected our lives and the teaching for one year already, it was time to stop for a while to reflect what kind of implications the pandemic has to our students and teachers´ work. Confucius Institute had invited study psychologist Fanny Hedenborg to discuss how to better understand the difficulties our students are facing and how to help them as well as how to take care of your own well-being.

Fanny Hedenborg, study psychologist at University of Helsinki, started the training with a presentation titled "Remote teaching and guidance: challenges, best practices and coping". The key themes she handled were:

  • Students’ perspective on remote studies and learning
  • How to improve interaction in the remote setting?
  • What to do if I feel worried about a student?
  • How to take care of my professional boundaries

The presentation was followed by both small and big group discussions where paticipating teachers had a possiblility to share their experiences with each other. Exchanging ideas and worries with colleagues was a good reminder that it is always useful to seek support from others.

Fanny Hedenborg has worked in learning and psychological support for students at the University of Helsinki, Hanken School of Economics and Arcada University of Applied Sciences (2018-2021). As a Study Psychologist, Fanny provides students’ individual and small group counseling in topics regarding e.g. study difficulties, motivation, stress management and well-being, while also providing training and consultation for university teachers and staff in questions regarding students. Prior to her work as a Study Psychologist, Fanny has worked in treatment at a psychiatric outpatient clinic for adults (2016-2018).ries?