Drama in Chinese Language Teaching
How to use im­pro­visa­tion and drama activ­it­ies in Chinese language teach­ing? This is what 25 Chinese language teachers from all over Finland gathered to ponder in Helsinki last weekend. The trainer of the workshop was Joanna Ut-Seong Sio, assistant professor in the Department of Asian Studies in Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic. Her main teaching responsibilities are the teaching of Cantonese, Chinese grammar and presentation skills to Czech students. Her research interests are Chinese linguistics and verbal arts and communication.

On Saturday 16 November 2019  Dr. Joanna Ut-Seong Sio gave a one day training for local Chinese language teachers. The day was a combination of theory and practise. The teachers were given several examples on the use of drama and improvisation in language learning. In the afternoon all participants had a chance to try different games and drama themselves. It was a good way to step into the shoes of the students. In the end there was a reflection session on the day´s content. The participants found the workshop very meaningful and they got several new tools to bring back to their own teaching.